Sunday, August 31, 2014

In one week

Exactly one week from yesterday it will be the 2 year mark.  Two entire years of living without my beloved Vienne.  Two entire years of grieving.  Two years of learning a new self.  Two years of raising an only child all over again.  Two years of confusion, highs & lows, many changes, growths and set backs.

But there have been joys too.  Life is not void of joys and mini triumphs.  I do not like this life of mine, but I am finally trying to somewhat thrive in it.  I still battle with bitterness and that is something I want to address this next year…but I have also found ways to start caring for myself.  Baby steps.

Before I face the yuck of next week and the reliving of that horrific day, I thought I would jot down some updates from the past few months:

-Mark started a new career back in March.  He is finally back in real estate….though now he landed an incredible position as a broker with a commercial real estate firm in Portland.  The first year, establishing yourself and building clientele, is always a challenge but he is appreciating it and growing quickly.  I am very proud of him.  And, so relieved to watch him do something that he enjoys.

-Ivy is amazing.  She is an angel, of course.  Dare I say (even without bias), she is just as incredible and enchanting as her sister.  I don't understand how it works and I don't know what I exactly believe about all that…but somehow in someway, she without a doubt carries her Sister's extraordinary spirit in her.  It is bitter-sweet. I would have it NO other way, of course.  But, I certainly see Vienne in Ivy every single day….from the way that Ivy dances….runs…makes her silly squeaky playful noises…throws her head back in laughter…is gentle and patient and kind…is sensitive and loving…has never been rude or unkind or aggressive with anyone ever…has NEVER been intentionally disobedient.  Her face looks different from Vienne's, but her little baby body is exactly exactly the same….long torso, short little legs, bowed in knobby knees, pudgy tiny little feet, itty bitty little bum….everything.  Her body is exactly the same.  This little girl keeps me alive.  Oh my, I could devour her with my love.  She brings me to tears just thinking about how much I love her….how proud I am of her.  I could rave and rave and rave about her.
   ~She says "Thank you" to everyone for everything.  That sounds simple and silly….until you experience it from this little 2 year old and then you see how remarkable it is.  "Thank you for making a nummy dinner, Grammy." …"Thank you for letting me play in your bedroom, Aunt Katy" …."Thank you" to the chiropractor for adjusting me, her mama …"Thank you" for opening the door for her … "Thank you for opening the paints, mama" …."Thank you for closing my seatbelt" ….etc.  I'm not even exaggerating.
   ~One of our favorite things she does is say "I meed a hug" (need).  She says this whenever things do not go her way.  Instead of throwing a fit or yelling or hitting or crying hard…she sadly requests a hug with big alligator tears, brimming at the edges of her sweet eyes.  Like when she wants to get down from the table and hasn't finished her dinner…we'll say "you can get down when you finish these 3 bites".  She wells up and says "I meed a hug".  We lean over and hug her and then she finishes her bites. And that goes with everything.  If I gently correct her in public, in front of someone, she will get extremely embarrassed and lean into me, hiding her face, and whisper "I meed a hug".  OH my gosh, doesn't it just tug at your heartstrings??  And it's not in the least bit manipulative (most times) - but it is truly sincerely from a saddened little heart.  We would never refuse those hugs.

(Ivy is on the left and Vienne is on the right - I put these side by side because of the clear similarities in their downward cast faces.)

(some of you already saw this on Facebook - but this was a precious moment I had to share again.  Ivy was watching videos of Sissy and came to this video of V reading a book…so Ivy immediately recognized the book and ran to her room to get it and read along.  The first time she could be read to by her big Sister.  It was an emotional moment for me.)

(just a picture of her being our joy….a constant joy)

(she has developed her own sense of style.  Purple is her favorite color and has to be worn almost everyday in some way)

(Just a glimpse at her sweet mellow nature.  When all is quiet in the house and Ivy is no where to be seen for the moment…she is NEVER making trouble…but is almost always surrounded by a pile of books, reading to herself….or cooking in her kitchen.)

(Ivy still loves her bed and does not like to leave it immediately upon waking.  She doesn't even cry when she wakes.  She quietly sits up and moves to the end of the bed and pulls her blankie up.  Thankfully, I know when she wakes and have a video monitor to make sure.  She will often request a snack in there and she is so clean and tidy that I can trust her with a snack in her bed!  When she was finished with this snack, she put her fork and spoon in the bowl and lined them up next to her cup at the edge of her bed in this orderly fashion.  I rarely worry about messes with her…for she will make a bigger deal out of them than I ever would!)

-As for me, I've been up to a few things…but then again, life is still pretty basic and simple and boring. I did start seeing a new therapist that I think I had mentioned a few months back.  I saw him 4 times….and quit.  OH man, I just don't think counseling is the thing for me right yet.  Besides not connecting with this guy, I just don't like the confines of a counseling scenario.  I hate that you are limited to 45 minutes to discuss what's one your mind.  I always feel a pressure to utilize my time as efficiently as I can, because I am also paying for this!  And, it's not cheap!  You spend that short 45 minutes pouring your heart out and then the time is up and you have to shovel and pack those emotions all back in and walk out the door and carry on with life.  I hate it.

-So, this fall I am finally going to join a Grief Share group instead.  I finally feel the need to be with others who can relate.  I need a setting that is not restricted.  And, I need to feel that I am NOT being fixed…but just being understood and loved.  It took me all this time to get to this place of feeling comfortable to join a group of other bereaved people…I, selfishly, have not wanted to burden myself with other people's sadness, for in my eyes my loss is the worst, of course.  That is normal.  But, now I feel ready - I see how appropriate it will be for me.

-Back in June (I think), I took some more tests for my health.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (which means that my immune system has been attacking my thyroid), Adrenal Fatigue, IBS-C, and a strange condition called Chilblains on my feet (related to autoimmune diseases….look it up if you're curious).  Oh, and an allergy to the sun.  Yeah, not kidding.  Welts and hives on my chest after a few minutes in the sun (all related to the autoimmune disorder, which is Hashimoto's).  I was also officially diagnosed with PTSD by that therapist, before I left him.  So, this summer, I have been taking natural medications for all of those conditions (because I don't go mainstream with medicine if I don't have to) and…..finally have been feeling better!  Some energy has returned and my digestion has been getting much better…and the weird chilblains have mostly disappeared.

-Because of my pent up anger and anxiety, the therapist had suggested that I find a constructive way to release that negative energy.  I thought hard about this because I hate exercise and I am not athletic.  But, I knew I needed a healthy outlet.  So, you will be very surprised about what I have gotten myself into this summer.  I found a Groupon for a kickboxing class and decided to give it a shot.  Groupons are so great for trying new things out in an affordable way.  So, I showed up to this class to find out that it is not a typical "24 Hour Fitness-punch the air to music- Tai Bo kickboxing routine-class".  No.  This was an official martial arts studio and this was what is called Muay Thai Kickboxing and it's legit.  I stood there, with shaking knees, in a small small class of varied levels of skill, thinking "what the hell have I gotten myself into???"  Two months later now….you would not believe that I have officially signed up as a student of martial arts and have been addictively attending class a few times a week.  And, on top of that…..I am actually pretty good at it!  I keep getting incredible feedback from my instructor that he is so surprised by how quickly I've been picking things up.  It is hard and it is challenging and I eat tons of humble pie every time I am there…but surprisingly love it.  I even conquered a huge fear one time when I showed up to class and discovered that I was the only woman in the class of all experienced men - only 5 men.  I had to pair up with one of them and I even had to spar (meaning:  throw impromptu strikes/kicks and block the ones thrown at me)!!  And, I made it through.  It was crazy.  I wrap my wrists and I wear boxing gloves and I take it out on the heavy bags and thai pads…and I am feeling pretty bad ass!  ;)  It has been my big triumph this summer.  I am proud of myself.  I have found something unique and my own - something for myself that is empowering.  I have found a small community there, as well.  I am very glad that I took that huge step out of my comfort zone to discover this incredible opportunity for myself.  Obviously, it is my HUGE "distraction".

-As for my grieving heart - I've found a mostly consistent way to maintain myself at an "even keeled" level of emotion with the help of natural supplements and those distractions.  I get by in this life by finding constant distractions.  I've reached a point of recognizing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the "fate" of things - my daughter died.  It is horrific and I have to live with that truth.  And, there is nothing in this world that can change it or fix me or make that truth better.  I have to live with this.  I don't accept it but I have resigned to it.  I have spent most of the past 2 years fighting that..and the fight has done nothing for me but wear me down and make me sick.

I don't know what to think about as I approach next week.  We don't have plans.  We have decided to not do anything "special".  We do not want to be around people.  We want the day to just reflect and be sad.  We intentionally do not want to be distracted if that's how we feel.  So, we are not even doing a family dinner like we did last year.  We are letting Ivy stay over night with my parents (for the first time!  ah!) and Mark and I will just spend the day as we like it, together.  I had a hard time making the decision to let Ivy go on the day.  There was a small conviction that we should spend the day together as a family.  But, then I realized that that is what we do every saturday.  And, Ivy is our distraction.  She brings us constant joy.  I don't want to be distracted by joy on that day.  I want room for the sadness since I so intentionally avoid it all other days of the year.

September 6th is on a Saturday this year and I have progressively noticed how popular this date is for many events.  It's foolish, but I must admit that I have been frustrated by that…knowing that so many people will be having fun and celebrating something on this day that we will grieve.  There is a brewfest/tasting tour….the Warrior Dash….birthday parties…neighborhood parties etc.  I hope that most people who are close to us will, at least, take a moment to reflect and maybe even share with me a reflection.  I will need to know that she is not forgotten.

(Please never forget this Beauty of mine.  OH isn't she breathtaking????)

(age 3 1/2)

My Heart - she is a piece of my heart.


  1. Your blog posts always have me in tears! I'm smiling through them though, just seeing how much your little Ivy is like her big sister. The story book...that's just adorable!

    Counseling is not for everyone and it's brave of you to admit that rather than forcing yourself into it. Your new plan sounds like a good one!

    I will be thinking of Vienne and the rest of you on the 6th. Thank you for sharing your special girl with all of us...she pops into my head often since finding your blog. She definitely had, and still has, a special aura about her. Hugs and prayers!

  2. My darling girl. First off...Vienne will NEVER fade into the distant past...NEVER. She is with us always in spirit and kept alive in memory as we share pictures, videos, moments in time and stories. We see her in Ivy every day...and even in Miri, too. That is a huge blessing and a gift, I that I am so very thankful for. Do not fear. Never, ever ever ever forgotten.
    Second, I am proud of you for sharing some joys, growth moments and triumphs. I know that it's not easy because it feels like "moving on", but it is not. It is "moving through". Our lives now have a facet to them that many do not...grief on an unspeakable level...losing a child. You may have seen my FB post by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: "The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not get over the loss of a loved one. You will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again, but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same, nor would you want to." I like the part the says we will rebuild ourselves around the loss. I question the being "whole" again, when it is a child we have lost because with that we lose a huge part of ourselves that cannot be replaced...a limb that cannot regrow...but we learn to function with that loss, and in that, we can be a different kind of "whole" person. I refrain from saying it is a disability. I have seen a man with one arm refuse to use that term. Instead, he has overcome and not allowed it to become his victimized identity. He has become the stronger for it and can do more than many men with two arms! I think that is very powerful and speaks volumes.
    Third, I am hugely blessed that you are doing so much better physically. You have suffered a very long time with digestive and immune difficulties, making only small strides, always having setbacks. I thank our Dr. Kelley Reis for never giving up to find a healing solution...and for running the appropriate tests and prescribing the right meds and supplements to bring your health where it is today. (THANK YOU, KEL!) And I am uber proud of you for busting out of your safe zone and doing the kickboxing thing. Many people would not even venture to go on their own, alone, and do such a thing. You are courageous!
    Fourth, I admire the conclusion you came to about counseling. There really should be some special counselors for grief only. You are right. 45 minutes is barely enough time to get warmed up and if it is not a counselor that specializes in grief on this level, headway may not happen. Where are those grief counselors, anyway?! So hard to find. I'm proud of you and Mark...and thankful...that you will be checking out GriefShare together. My experience with that support group has been that they truly "get it".
    And lastly, thank you for letting us have Ivy on the 6th. We will delight in her. For us it will be a wonderful way to spend that day as we reflect on the joys & memories of her sister and keep our eyes focused upward with eternity in mind. Every day is one day closer to our reunion.
    I love you to China, my precious girl.
    ~ Yo Mama

  3. Your post had my in tears then in laughter (especially in your triumphs in kickboxing!) and I had to stop reading several times before picking up my phone again to continue. You are most certainly on my mind this coming week. I will remember your beautiful girl on Saturday, as I often do. Your first photo of her with the wind rushing through her hair and that precious smile, it made me want to ask her what wonderful things she saw in her short years on this earth. No doubt they were wonderful experiences, all, and she was as blessed to be with you as you were blessed to have her. I'll be thinking you and Mark on Saturday. I know it won't be an easy day. We'll always remember Vienne. ~Eirin

  4. I love this post. I love that you are a bad ass kickboxer now. I love how beyond - words cute everything Ivy says and does is and I love her precious spirit. I love that you are taking a leap and joining a support group and will be praying it is a good fit for what you need. And I love seeing the pictures of gorgeous and perfect Vienne. I see her, I catch my breath and I well up with tears.
    I will be grieving with you this Saturday my friend. Vienne will never be forgotten. She is loved and thought of still and always and I am thankful we get to see bits of her spirit live through her sister. Love you Jenny.

  5. Kick boxing?! Wow! You're awesome! I'm sorry about the anniversary of her death. My own little one is now about the same age as Vienne when she passed. I can't even imagine. But you've done something for me. Since I heard about your tragedy 2 years ago and started following this blog shortly after, I can honestly say that I value the time I have with my boys more, knowing that they can be taken away from me at any moment. I hope that's not a hurtful thing to say. I don't meant it to be hurtful. I can see how very special your Vienne was. I completely understand when you say that you feel like your grief is the worst (out of all the other people in your grief group). I would feel the same way too. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you on the 6th. Please don't forget your sweet baby is very much alive and you'll get to see her again one day. Blessings.

  6. I was laughing out loud picturing 'Jenny Myers' at the kickboxing class for the first time! That is awesome that you love it so much and are kicking butt there.

    Love to hear stories and details about Ivy and how special she is too.

    September 6th date has been weighing on my heart as well and I will be thinking of you and your irreplaceable, forever cherished, unforgettable daughter Vienne that day. XOXO Lisa

  7. Jenny:

    I will keep Vienne in my thoughts tomorrow and scatter some wildflower seeds for her. She will never be forgotten, even by those who only know her though your blog. She is heartbreakingly beautiful as is her little sister Ivy.


  8. Thinking of and praying for you and Mark on this horrible anniversary. I hope you spirits can be lifted knowing there are so many of us remembering Vienne today.

  9. Oh dear Jenny,
    I have been thinking about today for the past week. This autumn weather that I know you and I loved so much reminds me of what was lost. Vienne won't be forgotten, she is remembered often, throughout the year (every time I meet another little girl in a flowery dress) and especially today. It was beautiful to read about Ivy and how alike they are since I know what a precious soul Vienne is. I'm grieving with you today, glad that you and Mark can be together. Love and hugs - Cori

  10. Jenny-
    Thanks for sharing your heart here. Your joys, pains and reality of life without your precious Vienne. Been thinking of you and praying for you, Mark and Ivy. Your sweet girl has touched the lives of so many.

  11. praying for you from Wa.

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