Friday, July 29, 2011

being wooed

at play group every friday, vienne has a little man that she follows after, named michael. he is a year older and full of spunk and clever mischief. they are absolutely darling together.

while us moms were congregated with our coffees in the living room, i noticed vienne and michael sneaking into the garage (his house). i let them play privately for a few minutes before checking in on them. finally, i decided to take a peak. i opened the door to a tiny little garage w/one car squeezed in and did not see our two little ones. looking around the car, under the car, i called out "where are you?!". "here, mama!" what?! oh my good grief, i finally looked INside the car to discover the two of them sitting in there like little adults - michael in the driver's seat, v in the passenger. michael has found the keys and only turned them far enough in the ignition to unroll the windows and turn the music on. they were quietly sitting in there together, enjoying slow romantic tunes. i nearly keeled over in laughter! it was the cutest most hilarious (and potentially scary!) sight! i said he is cleverly mischievous, no?!
gotta keep an eye on that one cuz this little girl will follow him wherever he will go!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

things she said

We were at the beach. Mark took her for a morning walk and she wanted to be carried.
Mark: "oh geez, I should've brought the stroller."
Vienne: "oh, Jesus brought the stroller?!!"

We've got her so well trained with her manners (most of the time) that sometimes I wonder if she sounds like she's abused in order to behave so well! This morning as I sat down with my breakfast, she looked over at it and said:
"May I share your bagel, please?"
"May have I little bites, please?"
good grief. it even shocks me sometimes.

right now, everything she says is prefaced with "maybe".
"maybe we can eat dinner on the couch and watch cars?? yeah??"
"maybe i can get a treat?!"
"maybe we can go to scarbucks?"

and finally...
we've officially got a make believe friend in our home. her name is Ty. she is 3 and two minutes old. she has brown hair and green eyes and "pretty just like me", vienne says. oh, and she's nice "just like mommy and daddy". she's been talked about for a few weeks now, but not made an actual "appearance" until this evening. mark says they were in the garage and she engaged in a full conversation with her friend ty about goldfish crackers. enlightening! the entire "ty thing" began one day in a goodwill dressing room when vienne suddenly said "mama, do you remember my friend ty?!" hahahah oh how i love it!!

here is a picture of our darling girl bravely wielding her sword. i think it gives her confidence in new situations. she cracks us up!