Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Praying through stubbornness

Good grief, God is so cool. It's just the little things, ya know?
I made a healthy scrumptious meal for Vienne - things she loves, hidden w/vegetables in the tomato sauce. I was so excited to successfully hide these veggies, until V stared at it and refused to eat. She sat there through our entire dinner w/that typical stubborn child's scowl. Finally, after many failed persuasions, the light turned on.

I asked her if she would like to pray to Jesus for help to eat. She said yes. We held hands and we prayed. And then, she took her first bite. Just like that...with FULL confidence that God was now going to help her. After that, she devoured the entire place, telling us how much she loved it...and telling Dadda to stop sneaking bites!! WOW.

The tenderness of a child's heart toward the Lord is speaking to me louder than most messages. I sat with tears in my eyes, realizing that we triumphed over her stubbornness w/prayer. (...and that her faith is so much stronger than my own!)
Praying through stubbornness has actually worked for us in the past (which is a RARE thing...so it was a few months ago!). Took me a while to remember to call on the Lord..but I'm still learning too! :)