Sunday, June 19, 2011

bear feet

on our way upstairs to put vienne to bed,
she says: "i want to wear my feet to bed"
I said: "you mean, you want to go to bed with bare feet"
she says: "no, i don't have bear feet i have vienne feet!"

OH how literal children are! I love it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

what she said...

earlier this week, there was a day that i found vienne to be full of extraordinary cuteness. simple things, really. nothing hilarious. it's just that i've noticed her conversational abilities have amplified in the last week or so and it is sooooo entertaining. i'm astounded just by the way she is forming sentences and expressing her ideas and feelings. too darn adorable. she's also recently been filled with extra uber amounts of joy. pure abandonment and joy. it is such a lovely thing. her name literally means: "full of life". and that she truly is.
so, some little excerpts from the day, that i remember, were this:

-we were sitting on the barstools at the counter and eating lunch together. she suddenly looked up and said "uh oh, i better get down and go close the flidgilator". i guess i had accidentally left it open (pregnancy brain!). but it was so out of the blue and so observant and responsible. she didn't tell me to do it, but just decided that it must get taken care of. :)

-later that afternoon she refused to nap. a current dilemma, especially for this newly pregnant mama who desperately needs some afternoon snoozes, herself! so after checking in on her several times and instructing her to lay down and try to rest she finally emerged from her room, just not into it. i was exasperated. she could tell and said:
"i'm sorry, mama".
me: "what are you sorry for, vienne?"
v: "i make you angry"
me: "oh honey, you don't make me angry. i love you. i'm happy."
v: "i'm just not sleepy today."

and that's that. she's just not sleepy these days. ugh for me. but at least she's not a pill when she doesn't nap. and at least, on most days, she will stay quietly in her room and play and read books. i am blessed.