Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vienne's 5th Birthday Remembrance: You are invited.

You are invited to join us on May 1st in our Remembrance of Vienne's 5th Birthday.  

Vienne Juliet Piscitelli was born on May 1, 2008.  This year will be her 5th birthday.  We would like to invite you to help us start a May Day Celebration for Vienne's Birthday - a tradition we hope to continue through the years.

May Day is a celebration of Spring as it transitions into Summer.  It is commonly celebrated by planting flowers, giving bouquets, and wearing floral adornments.

Our vision for this day, this year, is to visit her very most favorite park, which she had lovingly named "Vienne's Park", and sprinkle wildflower seeds around the perimeter.  It will be somewhat of a "covert operation".  ;)  Vienne loved to be 'sneaky' and create surprises for people.  We believe a scattering of wildflowers will be a good remembrance of our own vibrant little girl.  We hope that others may appreciate the random small beauty as it pops up through the season.

Mark and I are going to plant one blue/green hydrangea in the back of the park.  We hope to continue the tradition at each of her favorite parks, one each opportunity permits.

This is how you can take part in this new special day and honor our Girl's memory, if you so desire ~
We invite you to go out and buy Vienne one small gift - a tiny packet of wildflower seeds.  Take a few minutes out of your schedule on May 1st to sprinkle them somewhere fun or special to you...where you will see the blooms regularly and think of her.  ie:  on your own property, a local park to you, outside your work,...or just somewhere you pass regularly.  Our world needs to be brightened with a bit more unexpected beauty and life that reflects our vibrant Vienne.  ;)

 If you do feel compelled to take part in remembering Vienne, please share with us a brief recap about your time sprinkling wildflower seeds for her.  Photos of your time would be awesome too, if at all possible (you can find my email under the contacts tab).

Next week, I will write a post about our time at her park and I will also include what you share with me, if you take part.

So mark your calendars for next Wednesday, May 1st.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vienne's 4th and Last Birthday

Next Wednesday, exactly one week from today, our Vienne would be turning 5 years old.  We have something special planned for her day, May Day, and I will share that with all of you soon.

Exactly 1 year ago, I was planning Vienne's 4th Birthday party.  Little did I know that it would be her last.  It makes me well up with tears trying to imagine what I would've felt or thought if someone had told me, last year, that that would be the last time I would throw my sweet Vienne a birthday party.  Can you even imagine?  No.  You should not.
I said in my last post that her 3rd birthday party was my favorite, but as I pour through the photos from this birthday, I would have to say that it is my favorite too...on a different level.  It is the most fresh and recent in my memory.  It is sweet because it included her baby sister.  I was a very proud mama of two very beautiful little girls.  It was one of the happiest times in my life, for sure.  I look at these photos and my heart bursts in awe over her beauty.  My goodness, she was certainly a most special child.
Originally, for Vienne's 4th birthday I wanted to throw her a "Knights and Princesses" costume party so that she could invite all of her friends - boys and girls.  I started coming up with the coolest ideas like:  sword fighting a piƱata dragon; pin the flame on the dragon's mouth; a dragon egg hunt; cupcakes with "flames" as toppers...etc.  I had big plans!  But, then reality set in and I realized that I had a newborn on my hands and really, this incredible idea was just a bit over the top for this new mama of two!  So, I set the idea aside in hopes to do it for her 5th.  :(  Instead, I asked Vienne if she would like a Tea Party with her girlfriends.  I knew that I could keep the invite list small with just girls and then plan small play dates with her little boy friends.  The Tea Party idea was a hit with her!  So, I went with that and was amazingly able to pull off quite the little tea party without much stress.  I look back over these pictures and I have to say that I am quite proud of myself for accomplishing this with a 3 months old!  It was so much fun!

Vienne actually only had just ONE birthday request, last year.  I don't think she ever really got the idea of actually asking for presents...I think that was a concept that we kept on the down low.  We tried to keep the "I want I want" mentality to a minimum.  So, when we asked Vienne if she had any birthday wishes or desires, she adamently and repeatedly requested a "green cake with purple polka dots!".  That was it.  Over and over again, that's all that she requested for the entire month leading up to her day.  When I asked for details on the flavor, she requested chocolate (of course!) with strawberry filling.  Done!  You can be darn sure that I spent much time perfecting this exact cake for her!  I loved, and still do love, that her request was not for toys or things.  It further shows what kind of spirit she was.  Just one little example.  Sure, when we were in stores and she saw something she desired, she would ask for it...but when we were home, or in daily life, she was never in want.  She was never discontent with what she had.  She never knew the concept of "wanting more" and I love that.  I am proud of that.

On this birthday, we also held a family birthday dinner party on the weekend so that we could all celebrate her, as a family.  This was held at my Mom and Stepdad's house.

Here are the photos for both parties ~

(Family birthday dinner at Grammy and Grandpa's.  I LOVE how she is posing with her left hand on her back hip.  This was a new thing she was doing in pics and it cracked me up.)

(birthday dinner request?  Noodles of course!! {pronounced:  "nuddles"})

(gorgeous joy)

("yay!! golf balls!"  not really.  It's just the box...but she sure looks excited over it!)

(going against my request, Grammy went ahead and bought Vienne her first Barbie dolls.  Oh Grammy!)

(I look angry...but, no...just peaceful, holding my new niece, Miriam)

(a Lightning McQueen wagon!)

(Grammy, holding baby Ivy, trying to figure something out with Vienne...not sure what that is)

(cupcake time!)


("I'm 1 -2 -3 -4!"

May 1, 2012 - The Tea Party!

(the morning of her birthday...this was what was waiting for her when she woke!  She is standing in awe!)

(the little tea party table all set and ready.  Borrowed an extra table and chairs, covered them both with a lace table cloth, tied the chairs with purple ribbons, hung a balloon "chandelier" over the table, and used my mom's antique porcelain child's tea set!  What a special honor!)

(Birthday girl in her Lightning McQueen robe, a bday crown, clip on earrings, and her new rain boots, posing for a birthday morning picture!  She is SO EXCITED!  There's that hand on the hip.)

(I also invited the moms, my girlfriends, to come along and enjoy a tea party as well.  This is the grown up table all set and ready.  I used to collect antique tea cups, so it was fun to pull them out and use them for this special occasion.

(the little girls' tea table all set with food and tea!)

(food is set out and ready!)

(And, then there's "The Cake".  Ok.  So, I'm not a baker.  This was actually the first cake I have ever made and decorated!  Eileen came over with her cake decorating gear and helped me out the night before.  I used chlorophyl as dye for the green icing...and I tried blueberries and beets for the purple..but the purple didn't turn out, so I used food coloring.  I do wish that I had just made the cake round so that it would have fit better on the stand, but V loved the heart shape.  It turned out pretty cute no matter what, though!)

(Birthday Girl in her pretty party dress that she picked out all on her own.  I was so shocked that she would pick out hot pink tulle!  I love how she could surprise me like that.  The headband looks like it has a red flower, but it really is hot pink and did match.  I curled her hair and painted her nails bright green!  Doesn't she look darling??)

(beautiful girl.  Always.)

(we started the tea party off with some jewelry-making.  I bought a ton of beads and jewelry-making sets and let the girls make whatever they wished to go with their outfits.  I had thought this would be easier than making fancy hats...but I would not recommend giving bowls of tiny beads to preschoolers!  haha!  Vienne and Ella just ended up making "bead soup" in their up on the entire concept altogether.  Great idea... but too ambitious.  But they still had fun.)

(Lauren and her two beautiful girls, making necklaces.)

(Ella and Vienne looking so serious...)

(Aunt Katy holding Brooke's daughter, Lily, and cheering us on.)

(Natalie says:  "these beads are so small!")

(my dear friend, Brooke, and her daughter, Natalie)

(bead soup is so much more fun)

(beautiful Ella)

(my dear friend Eileen, her daughter Ella, and Vienne)

(Lilly and Lauren)

(Ella's little sister, Faith)


(after the jewelry making, we moved to the actual tea party.  Here I am giving a mini lesson on "Tea Party Etiquette".  "Hold your pinky out", "Wipe the corners of your mouth with your napkin, then lay it on your lap", "Say please and thank you and excuse me", "talk about the glorious weather"...etc.  It was fun to get silly with them.  They were such good little listeners!)

(some of the spread - two different crustless sandwiches, cut into hearts or butterflies, fresh fruit, and pretzels with peanut butter/honey/cinnamon/yogurt dip)

(Vienne patiently waiting to dig in.  She also chose the tea flavors to be served which were a chocolate tea and a berry tea.)

( precious is this?!)

(perfectly well-behaved little tea party girls.  Darling.)

(little conversations.  too cute.)

(my Girl lookin' a little sly...oh, that unmistakeable profile of hers!)

(Ella and Jane)

(the moms...and some of my very good friends.)

(Cake time!!  Oh man, whatever she is doing with her face is just too too funny!  Is she growling??  Scratching?  hahah...whatever it was, I know it was excitement.  I was sooooo thrilled to finally show her the cake!!)

(singin' the song)

(make a wish, my darling)

(even though my life is a nightmare, I have to believe that all of her wishes have come true, for there is no better place to be than in Heaven.  As much as I hate to admit that.)

(eat cake)

(I have to say:  It was delish!)

(Natalie eats cake.)

(Ella eats cake.)

(Jane eats cake.)

(And, now time for gifties)

(sitting like such a lady!  haha)

(to finish the party, we did a craft for the party favors - we painted little pots and I put purple pansies in each finished pot.  Flowers for May Day.)

And, to conclude her 4th Birthday...

(I just have to include these silly photos.  These pics concluded our night.  Vienne requested pizza for her bday dinner and since I was spent after the party, we ordered from Pizzicato.  On this night of her 4th birthday, Vienne decided that she could eat her dinner with her toes!  And, since she was so talented at it...well we just had to let her! hahah)


(oh my gosh, this is hilarious.  It was the first and last time we ever saw her do this.  What a silly fun girl.)

And, these are the last birthday memories I have of my Girl.  I ache over the fact that I cannot continue to show off more and more...of her 5th, and 6th, 7th, 8th....and on and on.  I just recently remembered that after Vienne turned 4, she repeatedly would tell me that she wanted to stay 4 forever...that she didn't want to go to 5.  
Well, my Darling Precious Girl, it seems that your wish has come true.  Perhaps, deep down, you just knew.
I love you more than you know, my Vienne.  I will love you always and miss you every single day until I can be with you again.
Happy Birthday, my Love.