Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Word from Daddy, for Vienne Juliet

*This is what Mark wrote and read at her Memorial Service.  My husband is an amazing man and incredible Father.

For our family, for Jenny and I, heaven was on earth with Vienne.
Precious, caring, loving, fun, joyful, creative, adventurous, beautiful.
Vienne loved games and Her favorites were as simple as playing make believe with her many toy friends. She had dozens and every single one of them had a name. It was sometimes Jenny and I's job to remember the names when even V couldn't keep up with her own creativity; for example there was T-Rex, Alice, Cora, Rainbow Dash, Peritto, and Toronado.  This was her wonderful world and we were all characters in a vast tapestry of adventure and fun. She herself had many roles to play as well.
Most recently, Vienne was (in her words) a "princess fairy rainbow".  She will also be remembered as a soccer-playing pirate with a super kick, dragon tamer, a dinosaur lover, my home-brew bottle capping apprentice, an endearing friend, a playful cousin, an adored niece, a precious grand-daughter, a loving big sister, a most beloved daughter.
Those who spent time with Vienne could agree that we were blessed with a very gentle soul. When other kids might occasionally grab, push or yell, V would often just turn and look at us with confusion and hurt in her eyes. She loved everyone and enjoyed nothing more than making friends, even ones she couldn't see.
Vienne loved Jesus. Stories of him were her favorites, especially where he walked on water. I think he achieved super hero status with that one. Vienne loved Jesus and would sometimes ask me, "dad, when can we go to heaven and play?". She somehow got it in her head that heaven was a big amusement park with lots of rides she was tall enough to go on.
Jesus said in John 14:2 "in my fathers house are many rooms. If it were not so I would have told you. But I go to prepare a place for you."
Vienne went to her place too early, too soon. No explanation will ever satisfy our grieving souls for we have lost that which was most precious in all the earth.  We are devastated parents in a wasteland of sorrow, mourning and tears.
But Vienne has a sister, Ivy, who remains a vibrant spark of joy in our shattered lives.  Ivy will most certainly be her own unique and beautiful self, but I do believe that Vienne's zest for life is continued through her sister. Vienne is also survived by all of your memories of her. Please don't hesitate to share these moments with us, with others or with complete strangers.  In just 4 years, I am in awe of how many lives she has touched.  Being reminded of how she shared her joy, love and innocence with you is a help to all who loved her..
The question of the day for V was always, "where are we going today?". She was always anxious for the next adventure. Vienne, today you are where you need to be. I don't understand why my baby and we miss you beyond all thought, feelings and word.  But I want you to know to Have fun my daughter, my beloved, and keep showing everyone your love and unconditional friendship.

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  1. Remembering the preciousness of mine when they were 4. . . I mourn with you the loss, I celebrate with Jesus the gain, of fellowship with His incredible child, Vienne. Please be assured, dear young parents, that this horror is not withour purpose in the heart of the Almighty. Let it cause you to draw near to God -and He will draw near to you. The God of all comfort