Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Asher!


Today, Asher turns 4 years old.  Asher is one of Vienne's very dear sweet friends.  

Asher was born in the bath tub at home, in Cannon Beach, just like Vienne.  His mama, Erin, and I have been "soul sister mamas" since the very beginning.  We share in the same passions for motherhood and natural living.  She has always been such a solid rock of a friend to me...and so has Asher been to Vienne.  Once they were old enough to play together, their friendship was immediate.  Erin and I always treasured letting Vienne and Asher play together because they are both sweet-natured, soft-hearted, sensitive, loving, sharing friends.  It was actually rare for us to have little friends that were as gentle spirited as our own daughter and so we treasured Asher's special friendship.  Watching these two play together was always so so sweet.  They always got along and always had so much fun together.  I remember, one time, we all went to dinner together and Vienne grabbed Asher's hand to run with him in the grass and Erin admitted that it was the first time that he let any other child hold his hand.  So tender.  So sweet.
Erin has shared with me many stories about how Asher has been affected by the loss of Vienne.  His intuitive sensitive sweet heart misses his dinosaur-loving friend.

(Vienne is 2 and Asher is 1 here.)

(We were visiting from Portland, to come play in the sand with our friends)

(helping push Asher on the swing)

(a video of them both calling for Gaia.  I LOVE their little voices)

(this was a few months later, at the end of the summer of 2010...another beach day in the sun)

(And, Asher was walking now!)

(it was a perfect warm sunny summer day on the beach...a rarity)

(a beautiful Mama and Son)

(such a cutie)

(she always loved digging her hands into the sand...she could play for hours)

(clothes eventually came off and I just let her enjoy)

(this is December of 2010, when Erin and Asher came to Portland to visit us for an afternoon)

(Asher was pretty excited about our ONE noise making toy that we owned!)

(oh my gosh, look at them!  Asher is so enthralled with V's computer and she is so patiently watching him play.)

(then we let the two of them watch some Christmas cartoons with snacks.  Always the sharer, Vienne let him have her special chair.)

(Another quick visit from Asher - the two of them sharing a snack at V's table)

(this is from another visit we made to their home in Seaside.  Now, sharing snacks at Asher's table)

(Asher is a great sharer too and he very generously let Vienne explore his new workbench that his dad had recently built for him.  Such a fun toy!)

(silly play with Uncle Adam!)

(this next slew of photos are from Asher's 2nd birthday party at Shortsands)

(workin' his new tool belt)

(some of the party gang)

(Asher's Grandpa Jeff and Mark)

(Asher and his Grandma Jean)

(men and their brew...that's what they do)

(Asher's daddy, Kyle, and Vienne)

(lil' stud)

(how handsome is he?!)

(running free on the beach)

(I LOVE LOVE this pic of V - such the tomboy here)

(getting wetter and wetter....splash splash splash.  You KNOW this girl loved her puddles!)

(Asher and Kyle)

(**Fave fave.  LOVE HER)

(Vienne and Erin, who is wearing newborn baby Elijah)

(After play on the beach, we went back to their home for snacks and hang out time)

(Vienne and Gaia were buds too)

(be still my broken heart)

We love you so much.  Thank you for always being such a great friend to Vienne.  She loved you so.
We hope your day is extra special.  


  1. Oh my, Vienne is stunning. Such an angle, such a love. My heart is heavy for you. Mona

  2. Jenny~I just loved this post. What a sweet little love story! I look at your Vienne's pictures and I can seriously just stare at her beauty. But like you said in a post some time ago, although Vienne was so physically stunning, there is something else, almost an aura of TRUE and PURE beauty. My heart smiles at these pics of your girl and breaks at the same time. I just wish she was on this Earth with her family. I just know she would have done great things...even though in her 4 short years Vienne already left such a legacy. Of grace, love, kindness and purity. Hugs to you and your broken mama-heart. We ALL wish we could take some of your pain...and as a community praying for you, maybe just maybe, we are helping in some small way.

    1. It is a sweet little love story. They were such sweet sweet friends.

      Thank you for your beautiful words for our Vienne - it means so much to hear such confirmation. What a thoughtful comment. I will take all the hugs I can get. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I thought of Vienne often as we celebrated Asher's birthday yesterday; she was a big part of both his 1st and 2nd birthdays. Both May babies, both born into water at home, both sweet and tender little people. I just loved watching them together. They picked up right where they left off each time they saw each other, which is rare for small children. I think they had a special connection that I have not seen with any of Asher's other friends since Vienne (other than Elijah). You, Mark and Vienne were such a blessing to us when we had Asher. You were on my front porch with food and presents a few days after he was born and you continued to be a huge support to me in the first years...always a listening and sympathetic ear. Vienne was Asher's first friend, and I couldn't have asked for a better model for Asher. She was kind and gentle and sharing. My heart is so heavy with sadness that they won't be able to grow up together....yet, so incredibly thankful that Asher (and our family) got to know her for her entire 4 years of life here on Earth. I treasure that last 4th of July weekend that we got with her. Those memories are vivid in my mind and the picture of the two of them at the parade together brings me to tears every time. (I think I sent you that one, if not, I can) Thank you for sharing so much with me Jenny. We are on this road together...starting with the birth of our babes - even before that I guess - and we will continue to travel it together. I love you so.

    1. Your synopsis of their sweet friendship is so beautifully painted. Thank you, Friend.
      I treasure you and your family so much. Seeing Asher on Saturday was so special to me...and hard, of course. We certainly love you guys.

  4. Beautiful Friends! Beautiful People! Thinking of you today and always. Lets get together soon. Giant (((HUGS)))

    1. I would love to get together, Tiffany.

    2. There is something so precious in VN's expressions in this post as she delights in Asher. So sweet, tender, endearing. This post touched my heart in fresh ways...creating a deeper longing for her. I miss her so very much, so very much.