Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma Lynn

I'm a little late on posting this birthday tribute...just because I have been caught up in my own self-absorbed mind these days.  But, nevertheless, I need to spend a few moments honoring Grandma Lynn and her special mark on Vienne's life.  

Lynn is Mark's mom and I couldn't rave enough about her as a mother-in-law and as a Grandma to my two girls.  I am speaking in full honesty when I say that my girls have been spoiled by having two incredible loving Grandmothers in their lives.

Grandma Lynn is known as the adventurous and playful Grandma.  She is active and easy going, fun-loving, humble, and positive.  I have such sweet memories of watching Lynn and Vienne play together.  I remember there was a time when Lynn was visiting right after Ivy was born.  It was a weekday so Mark was at work and one of my girlfriends was stopping by to visit and meet Ivy, along with her two girls.  Lynn was so thoughtful to let me visit with my girlfriend by keeping the older girls entertained with play dough in the other room.  I have many memories of Lynn taking Vienne for long long walks, as well. Lynn loves to get outdoors - she is always taking a walk when she visits, or riding our bike, or sitting in the sun.  Vienne LOVED her exploration walks with Grandma Lynn.  Lynn would take her to a small lake nearby and feed the ducks.  I fondly remember Vienne returning home with a grand story about a duck she met at the lake, whom she lovingly named "Floatie".  Grandma Lynn never hesitated to get right down on the floor with V and just jump into her imagination world.  Lynn was so quick with her impromptu stories and play she would come up with for Vienne.  Seriously, I do not know many grandmothers that are like this.  You see where Mark gets his fun-loving, drawn to children, playful nature!

Here are some sweet photos and videos of this amazing Grandma and her sweet Granddaughter~
(Grandma Lynn's first hold - with Vienne in May of 2008)

(walking on the beach in November 2009.  V was 18 mo. old)

(a day at the zoo with Grandma Lynn at age 2)

(picnic at the zoo park)

(fun silly girl time on the floor with Grandma Lynn over Christmas.  V is 2 1/2)

(one of my favorite pics of Lynn, capturing her fun playful nature!  Peaking through a tunnel the boys dug in the snow when we all spent Christmas in Cle Elum, WA)

(they snuck Vienne onto a golf course one morning when we were visiting in the summer of 2011)

(she had so much fun hanging out with Grandma and watching her uncles and auntie golf)

(playing in the water)

(pouncing on Grandma Lynn in the morning to wake her up!  Grandma Lynn is always so flexible - how many grandmothers would be willing to sleep on your couch when she stays over?)

(a sweet video...a sweet memory.  Lynn didn't know I was recording this behind her back.  It is dark, but she and Vienne are playing with stuffed animals together.)

(awesome moves for you, Grandma Lynn!)

(Tadaaa!!!  Happy Birthday, Grandma Lynn!  I love you!!)

(a bit belated)


  1. Happy Birthday, Lynn. I so appreciate "gramma-ing" with you! We make the perfect gramma-couple with our differences complimenting one another making it double-y fun when we are together with our grand babies. I will never forget our time on the beach with Vienne when she was just a bit over a year old. That was such a special day. Thank you for being my "sister" and friend.
    I love you. Grammy Julie

  2. Wow! Thank you so very much, Jenny!! I am so touched by your compliments and even more, by the time you took to put together all these priceless sweet memories!! I am practically speechless as I recall each of those moments ....teary-eyed for sure!! What great joy in each of those adventures! I will so treasure this collection of photos and the video.....this means more than any present.....it touches the depths of my heart, as I know that it comes from the depths of yours :)

    1. This was absolutely my pleasure, Lynn. I am just sorry that I stumbled and let this come out so late. But I am thankful for these precious memories. And, I am most thankful for you, as my girls' Grandma. I meant every single word. You are spectacular. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma Lynn.....you look like a very fun, and youthful looking grandma. You've given me lots of good grammy (that is my 'title') ideas!! Vienne was certainly blessed with 2 co-gramma-ing ladies. Julie is also so youthful and adorable. What a family!!
    To you dear, sweet Jenny....about your 6/28 post:
    Again I want to thank you for your 'gift' of words. You so eloquently express your thoughts and feelings through what has been a most difficult and painful journey....one that I can not imagine. You remind us that we must we must express our Gratitude for every blessing and find the Joy in the small moments our our lives'. Those of us who follow your blog are blessed by your sharing. Have you thought more about 'that book'? I know you are overwhelmed with everything now, but down the road it would be so informative in so many ways. You pretty much have it written here on your blog. You have given me so much to think about and contemplate. Prayers and many blessgings to you and your sweet family

    1. Terry ~

      Your words are so sweet. Thank you.

      Hehe, I have to admit that I blush every time you mention a book. I guess I just haven't thought that way about my words. Perhaps someday....maybe someone will come along and show me how this might be effectively collaborated into a book. I will definitely keep your encouragement in mind.
      I am always blessed to read your words and your heart. Thank you.

  4. Oops....I forgot to sign my name in the "Anonymous" comment above. I loved the "Ta-daaa" picture....so Vienne!!
    I also do look forward to unique adventures with little Ivy....all her own flavor!