Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Today is Emily's 5th birthday.  Emily was a dear friend of Vienne's.  I would say that during their 2nd and 3rd years, they were each other's very bestest friends.  It was always way too precious to watch these two very sweet girls play together.  Emily was always kind and loving to Vienne.

Emily's mama, Kristel, and I actually went to high school together!  We reconnected later in life, over Facebook, when we learned that we both had girls of the same age.  Kristel and I were instant friends and so were our precious girls.  Kristel has been one of my biggest most compassionate supporters in grief, over this past year.  Her broken heart over our loss of Vienne has touched my heart deeply.  She is a constant support system to me.  I love you, Kristel and couldn't be more thankful for our friendship.

Unfortunately, Vienne and Emily didn't get to play together over the last year of Vienne's life, so I only have photos up to 3 years old.  My hope is that this little post will be a treasure for Emily, someday, to look back over and see photos of herself with her sweet Angel Friend who lives in Heaven.
Love you still and always, sweet Emily!  xoxo

(Vienne and Emily met a little bit before Vienne's 2nd birthday.  These photos capture the time when they first met and played together.  How darling are they?)

(so sweet and sharing...right from the start)

(this was from our pre-Thanksgiving gathering that we traditionally like to hold with friends.  V is 2 1/2 and Emily is a little over 2 years old.)

(Here is a most adorable video of both girls at age 2.  Kristel had posted this video of Emily, showing off all that she knew about animals and numbers.  It was so stinking cute.  Anytime that Kristel would post a new video of Emily, I would show it to Vienne - it was her best friend, after all!  And, Vienne would obsessively watch them over and over.  Before I took this video of V, she had watched this over and over spouting off all the animal sounds with Emily.  By the time I took the video, she was a little worn out and starting to get goofy.  I love her sense of humor.)

(this was at Vienne's 3rd birthday party.  When Emily arrived, they clung to each other in excited glee.  This embrace is just one of the very sweetest.  This is how we should hug our friends.)

(one of my most favorite photos of these two!  Sweetest photo of two beautiful girls.)

(a joyful Emily)

(Emily and her lovely mama, Kristel)

(that summer, after Vienne's 3rd bday, we went to the zoo together)

(and they forged our trail!)

(sweet girls just loved each other so so much)

(this is another of my very favorite photos of these two!  They are sitting in the grass, at the zoo, deep in sweet conversation.  Don't you just wish you could hear what they were talking about?)

(that same summer we also went to The Enchanted Forest together, along with our dear friend Lisa and her daughter, Makayla.)

(Emily in the crooked house - I love her little pose here)

(all 3 girls looking over the edge.  Their hair is all the same color - they look like sisters from the back.)

(me and the girls on the silly little train)

(this was at Emily's 3rd birthday party at a splash pad)

(so precious....both girls sitting quietly together on the edge of the water)



  1. *Tears* Thank you so much for this sweet tribute to Emily. They had the sweetest friendship and Emily has never had a closer friend since Vienne, besides her sister Ashley. Our girls always felt special...because they are! :) I have so many memories that I hold dear of our girls together and also of our friendship. Words cannot describe how heartbroken it leaves me every day that Vienne is not living in our world with all of us. She should be here and Emily would have loved nothing more then to see her friend today and every day. Thank you so much for all these memories in these precious pictures! Love you. xoxoxo

  2. Love the tribute to a time when two of my oldest friends had a special couple years together having fun with their sweet girls. How I wish I could join you now with mine and we could get those carefree days back again. Love you both. XO Lisa