Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

It is my birthday today.  35.  35?  I cannot believe I am 35.  
It is a bittersweet day.  I have celebrated the last 5 birthdays of mine with my precious darling girl, Vienne.  My 30th was celebrated while 9 months pregnant and about to pop.  
My memories of my birthday, last year, are of coming downstairs to a completely decorated living space - full of streamers and balloons.  The table was set for a party with birthday plates, cups, napkins, and hats - all picked out by Vienne.  She was dressed in her blue "birthday party" dress (which is really an Alice in Wonderland dress up dress).  She was sooooooo excited to show me everything and exclaim "Happy Birthday, Mom!!!"  I miss her so much.  I miss her joy and excitement over everything.

(me, at my birthday table - all set for me, the morning I came down for my 34th birthday, last year.)

Here are some special memories of me and my beautiful precious Girl.  

(matching hats.  Lacey made me mine and I made Vienne's.  It was the first hat I ever crocheted, back when I was teaching myself.  Oh how far I have come since then.  Look at those sweet cheeks of hers.  I have always loved that we have matching eyes.)

(you can tell that I had just colored my hair)

(Mom!  Your hair is DARK!)

(this was taken on my  31st birthday, 4 years ago, right before her 1st birthday.)

(at the end of that birthday, she gave me sweet birthday cuddles for a good 30 minutes.  I remember because it was rare at that age if she wasn't nursing)

(this was in the summer after her 1st birthday)

(just an evening out and about in Cannon Beach)

(we stopped for some favorite ice cream - it looks like Vienne wants a lick)

(you've all seen these before - our first photo session with Kinsey, our sis in law.  That beautiful sweater was made by Aunt Lacey)

(fall of 2009 - at a pumpkin patch, in the corn maze)

(on my 32nd birthday, the day before we moved away from Cannon Beach - we went down to spend some last precious moments on the beach and then went out for a nice family dinner.)

(at dinner on that birthday of mine - Vienne was always so amazingly well-behaved wherever we went.  We could take her to a nice place to eat and always get compliments on her behavior.)

(my crab dinner - yum!)

(that's water.)

(our last glimpse of Haystack Rock.  Sometimes we miss calling that home)

(oh the precious cuddles.)

(well, isn't that a look!)

(tickles and giggles)

(entertaining ourselves while at a restaurant)

(fall of 2010)

(Christmas 2010)

(for my 33rd Birthday we went and spent a day in McMinnville.  I wanted to check out cute boutiques and have lunch.)

(strolling the cute little town on my bday)

(aren't we cute?)

(out to lunch for my birthday - found this great little cafe in McMinnville)

(after lunch, we went to the park.  This is, by far, one of my most favorite photos of the 3 of us.)

(my birthday dinner with my family.  Vienne and I were goofing around in front of the camera)

(ummm...I don't know)

(oh those sweet kisses I miss so much.)

(helping me open gifts)

(a visit to the beach)

(watching the 4th of July parade in Cannon Beach)

(fall of 2011 - I am 10 mo. pregnant with Ivy in this photo, as well)

(big sister kisses)

(feeling the baby kick!)

(this one isn't beautiful or artistic...but it melts my heart.  Her cuddles and her smile...just sitting with Mama)

(at the beach, last summer of 2012 - she is eating candy, which is why she is not smiling in either of these photos)

(mama and dot, girl time on the beach)

(me and my most beautiful amazing precious girls...back when my life was a dream-come-true.  My arms were full and content and oh so happy.  Oh how my other arm aches for the daughter that is gone.)

**I have just one birthday wish from those who know me and knew Vienne...I am making the same request on Facebook.  Would you mind taking a few minutes, if you could, and sharing with me a memory that you have of me with Vienne (either on here or private email me)?  I LOVE hearing memories of the two of us...I love hearing them from different perspectives.  I will keep and cherish them always.  That would sincerely make my birthday.
Thank you!


  1. Birthday love to you, my girl. I left my memory on your Facebook, as you know. There are sooo many, of course, but my memory of Vienne's birth stands out most poignantly today. Thank you for posting all these beautiful pictures - so bittersweet. I love you.

  2. Dear Sweet Jenny,
    I wish I had memories of you and your sweet baby girl to share with you. Having never met you, I can still feel that love that you had for your sweet girl and that you share so willingly with those of us that follow your blog. These photos of the two of you are so special and priceless. Thank you sharing such beautiful photos. I only wish I could share with you my favorite memories of the two of you. What a sweet request for your birthday. My prayers are with you on 'your' day. Terry

  3. Happy birthday to you. My heart continues to break for you. I hope you were able to relax a little bit today and enjoy some time with your sweet Ivy. I have no doubt your wonderful family was there for you today. I pray for continual comfort for you and your family.

  4. I wish I could have met your family when I was living in Cannon Beach. Oh the fun I'd have with Vienne playing dinosaurs on the beach :)
    Despite the ache, I pray you had a nice birthday with your precious Ivy and caring husband yesterday.
    All my love and prayer,

  5. Hope your birthday was special with your sweet mom. These memories and pictures are so precious. Viennes face is seriously so tiny and adorable. Thanks for letting me get to know her. Love you
    Prayers and endurance coming your way.

  6. Thank you ALL of you for the sweet Birthday wishes! I received SO MANY memories from people yesterday and am working on compiling them into one blog post to share. They are so sweet and special.