Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Miriam

This is a special birthday tribute to my beautiful niece, Miriam Julianne who turns 1 today, on April 8th!  She was a special birthday gift to me - for my birthday is tomorrow.  Miriam is my sister's first baby.  We both have special birthday connections to each other's girls - Ivy was due on Kate's birthday, January 15 and was born just 3 days early on the 12th.  Miriam was due around April 4th and was born on the 8th, one day before my birthday.  Sweet birthday gifts to us both.

(My sister Katy, Miriam and Jeremy at Miriam's First Birthday Party this past weekend.  Cutest family.  They are such a HUGE blessing to us.)

Miriam is blossoming into such a fun and sweet little girl.  She is so sweetly-natured, so curious and quick-learning yet a great listener.  She loves to laugh and make everyone around her laugh.  She is full of quirky fun and I cannot wait to watch her continue to grow!

Here are just a few memories I have of Vienne and Miriam.  Miriam only knew Vienne for 5 short months.

(I don't have any pictures of Miriam on the actual day she was born, but these are a few from our visit to them at the birthing center.  You see Katy's back is turned, nursing Miri, hiding from the camera...she did just deliver a baby!  This is Vienne and her Uncle Jeremy, whom she loved so very dearly.  Vienne was not shy about crawling right up into bed with them!)

(notice that Vienne had to wear her "birthday party" dress for Miriam...and for me, since this was my birthday we came to visit her on last year.)

(I love these.  So sweet.)

(last summer - Vienne finally got to bottle feed a baby!  It was something she dreamed of doing ever since I was pregnant.  Ivy does not take a bottle, so here she is feeding Miriam)

(most precious thing)

(cousins having sweet conversation)

(this is Miriam today and my beautiful sister, Katy - aren't they gorgeous girls?!)



  1. What a blessing to have sweet Miriam in your life!!! Love you ladies.

  2. Thank you my sister! We love you so much!!!! It pains my heart to know that Miri will not grow up with her big cousin guiding the way...but she will know her, as we will tell her all about her big cousin, Vienne. I love those sweet pics of her at the birthing center, sitting between us...I remember her being so, so excited to meet Miri and be there. Precious treasured memories!

  3. So bitter sweet...everything this year...without our Vienne. This is a perfect example of how joy and sorrow walk hand in hand. Miriam is indeed, complete joy! Always happy, smiling, delightfully goofy and ahead of her age in motor skills! I LOVE watching her and hugging on her yumminess! Happy Birthday, sweet beautiful granddaughter'o'mine! I love you soooo much!

  4. Jenny,
    Just like your mom said....bittersweet. Everything is so great but yet so sad cause Vienne is missing.
    I love the pictures of V feeding Miriam. So precious. She loved it so much.
    Happy Birthday to you my friend! I hope it is not too sad. Mine was so sad because Chris had planned something for Ollie to give me and say...but he never made sad.
    Love you and I pray for you constantly to feel the Savior carrying your heavy heart through this life long trial.