Friday, April 12, 2013

Vienne's 2nd Birthday

These are memories of Vienne's 2nd Birthday.

We had just moved to Beaverton and had been living in our new home for less than a month.  I had been planning a small birthday party for her and her little friends, until she got very sick right before her big day.  It turned out that she had come down with roseola - a very insignificant common childhood illness that looks more serious than it is.  She was at the end of the illness by her actual Day so, instead of a big celebration, we took Vienne out to brunch the morning of her birthday and then my family came over in the evening for dinner and gifts.  

The weekend following her sad sick birthday, Mark's mom, Grandma Lynn came for a visit and we took Vienne to the zoo to make up for lost fun.

(here is Vienne on the morning of her 2nd birthday, sitting at her new table that I custom painted for her.)

(I was so proud and excited to give this to her!)

(we also gifted her with a big girl face-forward carseat.  How exciting to ride facing forward!  You can see the sickness in her precious little face...pale and glassy eyed. :( )

(I think this is taken later that day...playing with a few birthday balloons)

(we tried to keep things simple yet fun for her on this birthday that didn't turn out as we had expected.  Here is a "stroller" that Mark made for her out of tinker toys)

(opening gifts from family that evening)

(a trip to the zoo, the following weekend)

(looking at the seals)

(so cute)

(in the petting area)

(developing her first love for goats)

(eating snacks in the grassy area)

(me, Grandma Lynn, and Vienne)

(mama and baby girl)

(Mark made her this silly hat)

(how precious is that face???)


  1. Beautiful girl. I remember how she wasn't well and looked so sad - yet nevertheless, joyful in spirit. You were here, finally, closer in proximity - that was (is) a huge gift.

  2. Every photo of her tells such a sweet story. She was such a bright light in a dark world. Prayers for you and Mark during this hard month.

    1. Even when she was sick, she was still a sweet bright light.

  3. Oh my gosh, that first picture is so cute! It looks like she had the best 2nd birthday ever :) I really like her special hat too. I hope you all are able to get through this hard time the best way you know how. I like to "send gifts" to my Madeline in heaven (just imagining she gets an item I'm thinking of) don't know if that makes sense ... but I will be "sending " Vienne a birthday cupcake, I "send" cupcakes to Madeline often. God bless you :) :)

    1. Thank you, sweet Jaimee. Oh, this birthday was actually the lamest of them all because she was sick. Just wait for my post on her 3rd - now that one was the best birthday ever! In my opinion, at least. ;)
      Thank you for your idea about sending a gift. We have a special plan up our sleeves for her actual upcoming day and I will share that soon enough, of course.
      I would LOVE to hear more about your sweet Madeline if you ever want to email me privately, please do so.
      Love J

  4. You are such a great mom. You made the time she had here on earth so special. What a blessing that is. Thinking of you often. -Jenny

    1. Thank you, Sweet Jenny. I needed this encouragement. xo