Saturday, November 30, 2013

What I am thankful for

Thankfulness is obviously hard for me.  I often struggle with "the glass is half-empty" mentality since Vienne passed.  But, I realize that I do still have much to be thankful for.  Mostly, I am thankful for this stunning green-eyed beauty of mine - my Ivy-girl.  She is the only light that shines in our lives…and she surely shines it brightly.  I know that her Sister's pure and precious spirit lives on in Ivy.  It is undeniable when you are in her presence.  I cling to that knowledge.

And, secondly, I am most thankful for this handsome supportive, loving, sensitive yet strong Man of mine.  I could not get through this life without him.

And, I am thankful for family.  These are my in-laws, but I am also thankful for my own family who mostly continues to be a constant support system of love.
And, finally I am thankful for amazing friends - Old friends who stand by me through thick and thin, and love me no matter what.  And, new friends who have come up out of the woodwork and blessed me with their compassion and selfless support.

Here are some of the rest of the photos taken by Kinsey, this Thanksgiving 2013...

our little Joy-Bug was running all over the grass like a ping-pong ball.  It was difficult to get her to be still for a family shot.  

Vienne, my Love, you were missed desperately on this holiday.


  1. Gorgeous, beautiful pictures, my darling. Ivy truly is such a joyful light - so photogenic and happy. She DOES shine so much of Vienne in that light. How thankful I am for that. V's enchanting presence is so desperately missed and I know even more blaringly so when you gather for family photos…so, so hard. While her picture, in the picture, is so precious and I am so thankful she is included in that way….I can't help but feel deep sorrow that it is a picture frame you hold and not our dear girl's sweet frame wrapped up in your arms. In the midst of that sorrow, I am thankful for the incredible amount of pictures and video memories we have of her to soak in. I love you so very much and am praying for your heart and mind.

  2. Her presence was greatly missed. No day, or Holiday will ever be as full. Thank you three for coming and braving the weekend with us. We surely enjoyed having you. And, as always, inspired by your bravery and authenticity.

  3. Oh Jenny, your face in these photos says it all. My heart breaks for you. Holding you up in prayer. Love - Camille Vocker (Biggs)

  4. Yes, your face in that photo is heartbreaking. Says it all and more. You are in my thoughts dear Jenny. Love. B.

  5. I am so very thankful you were here. I know how heavy your hearts were during the pictures ...Vienne's sweet adventuresome presence is so missed. I imagined her many times running and playing with Ivy and her cousins.
    Ivy is a true joy bug and I realize how focussing on her , for me, was special because I don't want to miss anything she does. Love you all so much!!!
    Grandma Lynn

  6. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Jenny. I think of Vienne and imagine how much she would be loving this Christmas season, and having fun with her sweet sister Ivy. I am so sorry for the pain and loss of your sweet Vienne.