Friday, April 4, 2014

deja vu

The other morning, Ivy was sitting on the counter (like V always did) and she started just randomly rocking from side to side and singing "I wear…I wear…." in this sing-song tune….exactly like I've heard it before….somewhere.  It was one of those frozen moments when I just stood and stared.  I couldn't figure out where I had heard it from….or where she had heard it from…but I swear it sounded like Vienne singing through her.  It actually kinda creeped me out for a sec.  Then after a bit I finally realized that she must've heard it from a video of Vienne singing about her birthday.  In the video, I asked V what she was going to wear to her 3rd birthday party and she didn't know so she just stammered and sang "I wear….I wear" (with her eyes looking up off to the side, like she was trying to figure it out)…and then I filled it in with "a party dress".  So, Ivy saw this video like maybe a month ago??  Once.  It is not a big part of the video and V is singing the entire way thru, so this line doesn't really stand out from the rest.  Ivy has NEVER sung this before.  But suddenly, she pulls it from her little memory and starts mimicking her sister to a  T.  Same voice.  Same tune.  Same inflections.  Same position on the counter...

Crazy.  Almost eery

Here is the video of Vienne (it is one I have shared before.)


  1. Her sweet voice and your laughter in the back ground. What a special memory!

  2. It would have been cool to get Ivy on video doing that! But, of course, you didn't know it was coming. This video (like all of them) is adorable. How I miss her so, so much. And how crazy I am about my Ivy, so sweet, fun, and smart…an absolute joy.