Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aunt Kate

My sister, Katy, turned 32 today on January 15th.  I remember that my due date with Ivy, last year, was exactly January 15th...and she was born on the 12th.  Katy's daughter, Miriam, was due in early April and she was born just one day before my birthday on April 8th.  Very special, to us sisters, that our daughters were born near each other's birthdays.

On this post, I just wanted to write a little tribute to Aunt Kate and her special bond, though, to Vienne. Katy and her husband, Jeremy, are my girls' god-parents, as well.  I couldn't choose anyone better to replace us as parents if ever that were to be needed.  My sister, Katy, and I are very close.  We share the same morals and priorities in life.  We were raised the same and share the same values.  She is an AMAZING mother.  She is also an amazing Auntie.  The way that she immediately loved Vienne as her own, the moment she was born, just brought me to tears.  Vienne and Auntie Kate had a true bond. As I have written before, Katy loved Vienne with a true true fierce love...something she has not been able to explain.  I remember going on a walk with Katy and Vienne once, and Kate was talking about her love for Vienne and she just welled up with tears, she couldn't explain it or control it...it was just intense.  Just thinking about that tender love my sweet sister had for my Baby Girl makes me well up with tears now.

Here are some sweet pictures of Auntie Kate and her dear Niece, Vienne....

(Katy in her very first role of being a brand new Auntie to her Brand new Niece, Vienne Juliet, on May 1, 2008)

(around 4-5 months with Aunt Katy)

(Katy, admiring her darling Niece)

(Katy and Vienne playing on the beach - about 4/5 mo. old)

(both of us playing with Vienne in her bedroom in our Cannon Beach home)

(Thanksgiving with Aunt Katy - 6 mo.)

(Oh dear, Uncle J and Aunt Kate were trying to make Vienne choose which beer is better...we were debating if we really should've asked them to be her godparents after this....heheh)

(ah, geez, you guys!....I hope everyone knows this is a joke.  Right?!  We would NEVER let our baby try beer.)

(just lounging and playing with Auntie Katy)

(So cute!  All dressed up as a flower girl for Auntie Kate's and Uncle Jeremy's wedding!!  At 9 mo.  Unfortunately, there weren't any photos of Vienne IN the wedding because she was asleep!)

(Uncle J holding Vienne who is wearing her "My Auntie Loves Me" onesie...yes, yes she does)

(they were very connected)

(just had to include this awesome photo cuz Kate took it of Vienne when we were visiting one HOT summer weekend in 2009.  HI-larious of Vienne!)

(Summer 2010 - playing on the slides together at the park)

(kisses, for you Aunt Kate xoxoxo  *tears*)

(goofing around with a camera together)

(love this)

(Vienne and Auggie - Katy's old dog.  Now these two play in Heaven together.  :( )

(A beautiful pic of V that Uncle J captured one time when she was visiting)

(Vienne, Auggie, and Jeremy)

(Katy and Vienne blowing out candles together at Christmas, 2010)

(Katy and Vienne on her 30th surprise birthday party)

(Katy and Vienne on MY birthday in 2011)

(my beautiful Daughter.  my beautiful Sister. - last winter, 2012)

I love you, my Sister, one of my Dear Bestest Friends.  Always.  Thank you for loving my girls as your own.  I treasure you always.  xoxoxoxoox


  1. Thank you sister... tears & sweet memories for my Vienne, a great gift. Love you.

  2. sob sob....Oh perfection

  3. How blessed this Mama/Grammy is - I love my daughters and their daughters immensely - they are my heartbeat. Thank you, Lord, for each precious moment I am privileged to have with them.

  4. My beautiful friend, such a painful loss for her as well. Your whole family is in my prayers!

  5. I was just going back through your blog and revisited this post...such a gift. The first I read it on my phone the video must not have showed up, so I just found it this morning. Oh...tears. Miss her so incredibly much...how I want to hold her, to scoop her up. Every day her memories visit me...it could just be someone saying the word "party" and I start singing "come to my party" in my head and think of her sweet voice and face. Love you my sister...thank you again for this.

    1. Oh, I'm glad you got to see the video, my sister. Those kisses are so sweet.

      I know - EVERYTHING reminds us of her, too. I find myself saying certain words the way that she said them...keeping her way of speaking fresh on my mind. I never want to forget. The way she said "careful", "buurrrrtiful"...etc.
      I love you.