Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grammy

Obviously, January is our month of family birthdays.  I just like to write these special birthday tributes for those who were close to Vienne.

Grammy and Vienne were very very close.  As you've noticed my mother is my main commenter on here...she is one of my best friends, biggest supporters, most dedicated prayer warrior, and one of the most grieved over the loss of Vienne.  My mom is incredible.  And, she is an incredible Grammy.

Here are a few videos and photos of Vienne and Grammy together, over the years.

(This video is titled:  "I love Grammy"
This is V at age 2 1/2.  While eating some lunch, I decided to interview her.  Her facial expressions always always just get me.  Oh, she is so beautiful.)

(Grammy's first hold of her first Grandchild - May 1, 2008)

(visits from Grammy, around 3 mo. old)

("here, Grammy, let me help!")

(6 mo. oldish)

(9ish mo. old)

(cute tushy helping Grammy in the kitchen - over a year old)

(Christmas Eve dinner, 1 1/2 yrs. old - looking at pictures of herself on the camera)

("cooking" on Grammy's back deck - mud soup, of course)

("pe-ee hot!" = pretty hot"

(baking Valentine's Day cookies together! - 2 1/2)


(more outside kitchen play on Easter, almost 3 yrs. old)

(basking in the sun with her buddy, Bob - Grammy's other "Baby")

(with Aunt Katy and Grammy, almost 3)

(kisses for newborn baby sister, age 3 1/2)

(Vienne, the photographer, took this of her Grammy on an afternoon together)

(Vienne's 4th Birthday dinner at Grammy and Grandpa's)

(Grammy and her girls)

(Vienne loved to stay the night over at Grammy and Grandpa's - this pic was taken one morning, after spending the night with them.  She and Grammy put the puzzle together.)

(My Mom would often tell Vienne:  "Vienne, YOU are my Friend!")

(the last photo that Grammy took of Vienne, just two days before she died.  Grammy and Vienne went and picked this Cinderella dress up from a neighbor friend.)

Thank you for being my friend and my constant always.
Thank you for being the Grammy that you are to my girls.
You are a treasure to us.
xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo to China!


  1. What a beautiful and loving family you have dear friend. I have always admired your relationship with your mother, it's so special and unique to become best friends with your Mama as an adult. Vienne was so very blessed to be adored by so many. She was so easy to adore and I love all these sweet pictures and videos you keep posting. Thank you for sharing and for keeping her in our hearts. Love you so much.

  2. Thank you for this sweetest of gifts, my daughter. I treasure each memory and thankfully you recorded so many. I could watch her videos for hours, just soaking her in. My daughters are my gifts, my grandchildren are my gifts - for eternity. How blessed I am. *tears*

    1. I love you Jules! What a lovely tribute to you and the friendship you have with your grandbabies.