Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

Today is Grandpa Kohl's birthday!  Vienne and Ivy have been blessed to have 3 Grandfathers who love them very much.  Grandpa Kohl (my stepdad, Tom) developed a special bond over fishing, with Vienne.  It was their "thing".  A few summers ago, Tom came home with a little Spiderman fishing pole and small toys from the Dollar Store.  He set up a game with her, where he would go down below the deck and attach toys to her pole that she would get to reel in.  It was so sweet and cute.  This last summer of 2012, Tom set up a fishing trip with us, for a day.  We ventured out to Horning's Hideout, a cute little fishing pond, and we spent the day fishing and picnicking.  Vienne LOVED it.  Such special memories.
Here are a few pictures for Grandpa on his birthday...

(Grandpa with his first grand baby, Vienne Juliet)

(Vienne's first fishing pole)

(learning how to work it, together)

(fishing over the railing...oh my goodness, her little tush is too cute! - age 3)

(I got something!)

(Easter at Grammy and Grandpa's, 2012)

(Grandpa with two of his granddaughters - so sweet)

(our family fishing trip at Horning's Hideout, summer 2012)

(tending to her caught fish...ok Grandpa and Mark did the catching...but she was great at helping!)

(look!  look!  so proud.)

(ok, you can tell that we loved this photo.  She is bravely holding a fish head!  She wanted to watch ever part of the gutting and cleaning - so fascinated and never grossed out...all while my Mom and I couldn't watch!  Vienne looked at the decapitated fish body and asked "where's it's face?".  So, they handed her his "face".  hahahah...eeewwww)

(Grandpa and his Joy-Bug, Ivy, on her first birthday last week.  He is quite smitten with her and she with him.)



  1. I met your sweet dad and mom the other night at grief share. I cant remember if I already wrote to you. Please excuse my "grief brain" if I did.
    Im so sorry your daughter is not with you physically. Your mother shared a bit of your story. I lost my 2 year old just 8 months ago. He drowned in my washing machine at home. I know just writing it make me want to barf. It is so sad our little ones cant be with us. I hope you feel your daughter carrying you at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ((hugs))
    Your Vienne is beautiful!
    I have a blog too that has helped me.
    much love
    Tiffany Hebb-another grieving mother

  2. Happy birthday Tom, love the photos, especially the fish head!

  3. It’s so sweet that Vienne and her Grandpa bonds over fishing. It’s not exactly a little girl’s typical activity, but she seems to really enjoy it! And she’s so brave too! Even at my age, I still don’t like holding fresh fish heads! She truly is a lovely and adorable little girl.

    Bernita Sloan

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Bernita. Yes, she truly was lovely.