Monday, January 7, 2013

{Home Video}: Vienne's Little World

I had a memory the other night.  It snuck in, out of the blue.  We weren't doing anything, in particular, that triggered it.  I love those moments...and I hate those moments.  The hate for those moments is only for the reminder that it is just a memory and no longer a reality.   But, with desperation, I want to catch and keep every single memory of her that I can.

The memory was a song that we made up and used to sing together.  It went like this:
"Hey!  Hey!  Whattay say!  Whatcha wanna do today?"
We would sing it in the mornings, as we planned out our day.  I had not thought of this song since this past summer.  I don't know what triggered it or where it came from...but now I can't stop chanting it.
Oh, I miss my little friend who I took on simple adventures each day...or who just found adventure in the simple things of our home.

Here is a sweet video that glimpses into her world of play.  I believe it was taken this last summer, in the morning, when she was 4.  She's wearing her favorite dino jammies.  Her hair had been pinned up and back by Daddy.

I loved her songs.

The words to this made up song have been requested.  I will admit, I am even unsure of all of it.  Many of her songs were mixed with her own made up sing song words.  But here are a few of the things she is singing about:

"Come with meeeeee....
Drive ever ever ...(something something...)
(after she stops on the floor:  )
If you are ever coming
Forever ever ever
ever ever ever
ever come with me
ever ever 
ever ever glasses
ever ever glaaaaasses
Come in my "stummy" (??)
In my car there's going to be glasses
For my Mama "azerasses" (haha  ??)
That's why I need help
I need...every time I need help!
(something something...)
Now Now got some glasses for your eye-rs (??)
Look!  Glasses, take 'em!"

I think you got the gist of it.  That was pretty funny to try to decipher!


  1. Oh this made me smile--this is awesome. :) I love her song...can you transcribe the words for us?

  2. Such a imaginative, beautiful girl :)


  3. After I watched this video, which is delightful, there always appears another series of videos to choose from. I chose one where VN is in a pretty white dress with princess shoes talking in her bedroom about being a princess and going to the ball one day to dance with the prince. It brought tears. I know she is with the ultimate PRINCE OF PEACE dancing in ways we can only imagine. How my heart aches for my little princess.

    1. oh Jules.... Sniff sniff. It's just so sad. I love that last line - dancing with her Prince of Peace. I can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you some hugs. As always - thank you Jenny for posting. Praying for you and sending love.