Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beach Baby

She was born at the beach and she spent the first half of her short 4 years of life, living at the beach.  She loved the sand, she loved the water, she loved the freedom that the vast expanding grains of beach offered her.  It was our backyard playground.  It was where we took morning walks and evening strolls, summer picnics and wintry explorations.  
Cannon Beach is where her mommy and daddy met.  It is where they buried their bare toes in the sand and said "I do".  It is the town where they purchased their first home, together.  It is the place where she was quietly born, into water.  
Cannon Beach will forever be our home away from home.  It holds so much sentiment to us.

(3mo. old - enjoying a sunny summer afternoon in the sand - on Cannon Beach, our old home)

(4mo. old - toesies in the sand)

(a normal leisurely afternoon for us)

(gray stormy walks on the beach with Dad)

(ooooh, it's chilly - 9 mo.)

(regular morning walks on the beach - very special Daddy-Daughter times. - about a year old)

(oh man, this is a favorite, for sure...her hands, her profile.  She looks like a porcelain doll.  She has always reminded me of a little girl from one of the Little Golden Books stories. - 14 mo. old)

(wading in Ecola Creek, which runs into the ocean)

(getting dirty)

(15 mo. old, I think)

(I remember that she was pouting in this photo, thus the look on my face)

(just another walk on the beach with Daddy)

(playing soccer together - 15/16 mo. old)

("come on, Dadda!")

("catch me!")

(our first photo session with Aunt Kinsey!...this time on the beach produced some of the best photos that mean soooo very much to us. - about 15 months old)

(our beloved Haystack Rock in the background)

(oh sadness!)

(this part of Cannon Beach that we took our photos on is called North Beach or Chapman Point - which is a more private, quiet end of the beach where Mark and I were, in the sand.)

(beach beauty)

(18 mo. old ~ a family stroll on the beach over Thanksgiving weekend)

(pout on the beach during a wintry walk with Dadda - maybe 20 mo. old)

(pout quickly turns to smiles and giggles)

(21 mo. old - the rare sun that comes in February at the coast.  You run out and take advantage of those moments!)

(I remember loving her new little piggy tails)

(23 mo. old - this was actually taken on my birthday, our last day living at the beach.  House was packed up and ready to move to Portland the next day)

(Happy 32nd Birthday, Mama!)

(the rest of the photos are from our visits back, over the past few years.  Cannon Beach will always be home - 2 yrs old)


(and that's what happens when you let go...ouch)

(28 mo. old - visiting our dear friends in Seaside)

(clothes quickly came off as the sand was way too fun to play in)

(and then it was all out the window)

(a few months shy of her 3rd birthday - we took a visit in March for Mark's birthday)

(strolling along Ecola Creek)

(3 yrs old - visiting for Asher's birthday. - looking like a big girl)

(love love love how tomboy she looks in these photos.  The most beautiful tomboy that ever was)

(an absolute FAVE)

(over 3 yrs old, we took a family day trip on our 6th year wedding anniversary and just played in the sun on the beach together.)

(pregnant mama and dot, strolling on the beach)

(these pics are from our last trip to the beach, all together - last 4th of July, 2012)

(Vienne and I stole away for a fun date through town and on the beach, while Ivy and Dad rested in the cabin)

(enjoying candy from Bruce's Candy Kitchen.  Candy, sun, and sand - we had a special time.  I remember we sat on a log and enjoyed our special treats, then we chased each other in the sand.  Eventually, we found sticks and I started drawing a trail and she had to chase me while keeping her feet on the trail I had drawn.  I literally had her running in circles.  We giggled a lot.)

(me and my girls, in the sand)

(a video that Mark took of Vienne from his time with her on the beach, during that trip)


  1. Oh, I am all choked up. I remember almost every one of those times, I have similar pictures of her on my own computer. I will never forget that day in Seaside when she stripped down naked and frolicked in the ocean. I distinctly remember as we were heading down the dune to the water, she was chanting a few feet behind us, in a sweet little voice, "wait for me, wait for me!" We turned around and she was tottering down the dune like an angel, bucket in tow. Of course 4th of July weekend on the beach was the last day that Asher and she played together. I have a picture of her heading down to the water (Ecola Creek) in her little swimsuit and Asher just watching her....she was always just one step ahead. Your little Tomboy, showing up to Asher's b-day at Sort Sands with a dino shirt and jeans; together they pounded away on driftwood with his new hammer. I miss her so much and I miss those times with you all. I (we) are so blessed to have had those memories with your will always be my Coastal Home-birth kindred spirit. I love you and miss you.

    1. I know, Sweet Friend. I know.

      All of our trips out there since we've moved have included you. I purposely did not include any pics of Asher in this post because I am saving those for another post.

      I love you and we will always be kindred spirits.

  2. Beautiful pictures Jen... I can see that even in her 4 short years she had the most wonderful beach times, exquisite adventures, and meaningful experiences here with you and Mark.

  3. I couldn't agree more about her looking like one of the sweet girls in the Golden Books. Precious girl.

    Thanks for sharing her with all of us. I'm loving getting to know her.

    Bozeman, MT

    1. Thank you, Pam. I am glad you are enjoying my Girl.

  4. Vienne is a beautiful soul... it shines through in every picture. She makes me want to be a better mommy to my 2 year old. Thank you for sharing her beauty. These pictures fill my heart with love and joy and inspiration to do more to make beautiful memories with my daughter.

    1. Of course, it always touches my heart to hear comments like this. Thank you so much.
      Yes, make lots of memories and take lots of pictures and videos! You will never regret that. ;)

    2. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I forgot to mention my name is Kristen and I'm from CT. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful Vienne! She is so loved!

    3. Thank you for leaving your name, Kristen! And, thank you again for your compassionate heart and support. xoxo

  5. Jenny,
    Loved those pictures! My favorites are the little crocheted dress she wore when someone took your family picture, the white beanie pictures, and the orange beanie precious. I love that she was outside enjoying the beauty God created. Love you beautiful momma!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany. She was my beautiful little Angel. Both girls are, actually. That sweater coat was knitted by my best girlfriend, Lacey for her 1st bday and I made her the white hat. We love handmade treasures. xoxo