Monday, February 25, 2013

"Play with me!"

"Mama, will you play with me?"

"Dadda, will you play with me?"

Heard several times, from our Girl, each day.

And, yes, we played with her.  

I miss days filled with "throwing out a party" for her dinos, T-Rex and Alice...skipping down the sidewalk, riding Polly the stick pony...having tea parties...building lincoln log barns for the dinosaurs and dragons...making a fort with the couch cushions...playing "hide 'n seek" with Shadow and Partner (a tiny horse and riding doll)...riding her Radio Flyer trike down the sidewalk...playing dress up......


(caught playing dress up in Mommy's shirt)

(hammer the balls)

(I remember she found these arm floaties in the garage.  We had never put them on her before, but she had somehow figured out that they were supposed to go on her arms...and she trekked around the house sporting these for the afternoon.  Such a fun goof)

(THAT LOOK!!  bahaha...going cross-eyed trying to get them on correctly)

(playing with Baby and changing her diaper)

(taking Baby to "nigh night")

(tucking Baby in)

(so concentrated cooking for her Baby)

(a stroller Daddy made for her out of tinker toys)

(oh man, this helmet cracks me up.  Someone gave it to us and she wore it before we got her a normal one.)

(always so meticulous and careful)

(she spent so much time to meticulously decorate her chair with bits of play dough)

(here is one of my most treasured photos of her.  How beautiful is this...nursing her baby doll)

(oh melt my heart...her face...such peace and beauty)

(couch cushion forts!)

(she called this her "viovin" = violin)

(silly girl, I am quite sure she dressed herself, here...her favorite sweatshirt, no pants, and blue socks with white tenny shoes.)

(Oh wait, look, there's the pants...taking her baby, who is wrapped in a scarf, for a ride)

(playing in her tent)

(making a trail with the towels from the laundry basket)

(hop!  careful, don't slip!)

(making beds for all of her animals)

(a fave, we've all seen before - smashing ants with her sword)

(just playing with her train set)

(counting for hide 'n seek, in dress up scarves)

(we own the most amazing extensive set of lincoln logs...and each night, they would build new structures for Vienne's animals)

(making "skates" out of of creative)

(I hung these balloons for "fencing" practice...check out her socks)

(nice form, eh?)

(playing footsie on the couch)

(she made this tent while I was in the kitchen, last year)

(peek a boo!  Look who I found underneath.  I remember this being so sweet...making this tent over her sister and crawling in with her.  The beginnings of playing with her little sister.  Breaks my heart that Ivy doesn't have this anymore.)

(making dinosaur footprints)

(me and my best bud playing around while Ivy napped.  I remember she told me to take a picture of her pretending to bite my nose...we were laughing so hard)

(I think I won cool mom points when I made this exotic oasis for her dinos.  I saw a similar idea on a pinterest board and thought it was a clever way to reuse an old box)  She painted the interior of it, while I cut out the trees and water and finished it for her while she was in bed)

(it's fuzzy, but I love this picture.  We had just purchased this walker for Ivy this last summer, and Vienne thought it was the most awesome scooter!  Check out the look on V's face.  That was her "stink eye" that always cracked us up.)

(playing with my girl in the we were playing "Duck Duck Goose" with her friends.  I definitely did most of the running.  I remember when I would "Goose" Vienne, she would get up and run out of the room!  I would laugh and call her back, trying to teach her how to play the game.)

Now, I CANNOT wait to for Ivy to get older so that we can play with her.  Then, I CANNOT wait to get through this life and get to Heaven and play with my Girl.  


  1. Melts my heart, and breaks it at the same time. ♥♥

  2. "Grammy, let's play!" Those are the words I remember! And admittedly, I was not the best at that :( But I was learning! I'm the domestic grammy that cooks & cleans & takes care of business - but Vienne was always up to that as well. At a very young age, as soon as she could sit up, I would plop her at the back of the counter, give her a bowl & a wooden spoon & she was happy to stay put, playing, as I cooked. This carried over as she grew. We set up a pretend kitchen outside on the deck with a little slatted table as her stove & her own little pans & spoons. She loved to make "dirt soup" adding in leaves & herbs to create a delictable dish! With her little broom & dustpan nearby, she would clean up anything that spilled. Goodness, she was meticulous! VN was always just happy to "be" - to spend time doing most anything with any of us. As we've seen in videos, she could be happy for hours with the simplest of things - making a family of different size crochet needles, a baby doll from a box of noodles, skates from big leggos. Indeed her creative mind was inspiring - which came directly from the God Who created her and from her amazingly creative Daddy and Mommy who poured into her so richly. Vienne was teaching me how to "play". I am thankful for that and confident that her influence will spill over as I am given the privilege & oppportunity to play with her sister, Ivy, and her cousin, Miri. How I love these girls. How blessed I am. Thank you, my daughters, for giving me these little ones to love and learn from.

    1. What an absolutely beautiful comment to read, Mama. I so treasure hearing any and ALL memories of her.
      I love you so much.

  3. She had such a life full of love in her short years. There is no doubt that she knew how deeply you and Mark loved her (and still love her). What a beautiful little girl she is and was. And even though I desperately wish she was still here for you to play with, my heart is confident knowing that she gets to play with Jesus now!

  4. I mourn with you on this loss; it is not easy losing someone that you love so much. I pray that God brings you hope, and like Job, May He restore twice or even eight times what you have lost and that He Blesses you and Keeps you. May His face shine upon you and your family!

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