Monday, February 4, 2013

{Home Video}: Morning times with Daddy

I thought a little home video would be fun to look at, right now.  It's been a while since I've posted the random videos....I still have SOOO many.  It's kind of crazy how many videos we took.  It's also sad and frustrating to know that we lost a good chunk of them that were taken on my camera last year between January and April.  The videos of her over the last year are the most precious, of course, because they showed the little girl she had grown up to be.  We did everything imaginably possible to retrieve those lost videos - even gave our camera to the forensics lab cuz my stepdad is a judge and has connections.  Computer techs poured through all 3 of our computers....all to find nothing.  So disheartening.

Anyway, here is a sweet video of my two girls, sometime this last summer, I'm guessing.   Nothing special...they're just hanging out with their Daddy in the morning, as usual.  I have no idea why her shirt is's kinda funny.  And, it's obvious that she is doing "baby talk" and being shy/silly...I want to eat her up.  I think it's funny how Vienne obviously has something in her eye, near the end, and Mark is clueless.  As a mom, don't you just want to stop the camera and reach out and help her?


  1. pretty sure my heart stopped when I saw her face come in the camera. Oh beautiful girl!

  2. Oh man cute video. so sad but precious.
    Tagged you for the Liebster Award.