Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories

I don't have anything pretty or eloquent to say today or about this particular day.  We've had a rough day with a suddenly sick little girl.  Ivy came down with a nasty cold in the middle of last night and I was up with her for most of the night.  It made for a tired and crabby day for us all...and not much time to think about the meaning of the day or reflect on the memories we have shared.  This is me being real.

But, here is a string of photos that recapture the memories we share on Easter, with Vienne.

(For some reason, I cannot find pictures of her first Easter)

(Vienne's 2nd Easter - and we were actually pretty lame and didn't do much.  We had been packing up our house, ready to move from the beach to Portland.  These pics were not even taken on Easter.  ha!  I dressed her up in her Easter dress and snapped some shots while my mom was visiting with her dog, Bob)

(Vienne's 3rd Easter - the first time we really got "into it" and celebrated.)

(dressed up for her egg hunt at Grammy's)

(ha!  I remember she was NOT into wearing the Easter shoes I had gotten her, so she ended up in her "cowgirl boots"!  Of course!)

(my beautiful lovely girl)

(on Vienne's 4th Easter, it was Ivy's first and we had her dedicated at church)

(oh, my beautiful precious girls)

(I remember that Vienne had been practicing her "winks" - she got this one down pretty well.  The cuteness factor of these photos is ridiculous.)

(Ivy dressed in her vintage white cotton gown for her dedication at church - 3 months old)

(later, changed Ivy into this other vintage "Beatrix Potter" jumper.  I love vintage babies)

(my little poser)

(egg hunt at Grammy's)

(Grammy and Ivy)


(at an Easter egg hunt on Saturday - my precious Ivy girl)

(little doll is cruising)

(this morning, Ivy woke up very sick, but we put on our pretty dresses and visited Grammy's house for a short brunch)

(Miriam:  "Nice dress".  
Ivy:  "Nice ears".)

(sad sick glossy-eyed baby girl)

(dressed in blue and green for her sister)

(the Daddas and their girls)

(me and my sister with our girls)

(tired and ready to go back home.
This photo captures the true feelings of our day.
Glad it is over.)


  1. I missed my Vienne terribly today. Every day -yes - but somehow extra-intense today. Loving Ivy and Miri so very much - they are utter beauty and joy. What a blessing to have these two baby girls so close in age. I just have to thank God for that.

  2. Jenny,
    You are your family are just beautiful. You were sweet to post photos today of past and the present Easter. You are real no matter your feelings for the day. Thanks again for sharing from your heart. I love your stories. Many blessing to you all. Terry

    1. Thank you, Terry. Your words are always so kind and loving.

  3. Was thinking of your family yesterday as we celebrated Easter; imagining how much you were all missing Vienne. I love the picture from Ivy's baby dedication - I had only met Vienne a few times and the baby dedication is one of the memories I have of her. She was SO proud of her little sister on that day! I hope Ivy's health improves today and each day forward brings you some comfort, even without your precious little girl. -Diane-

    1. Thank you, Diane.

      That day of Ivy's dedication was such a sweet day. It was Easter, Ivy was dedicated, and my niece was born. Such precious memories.

  4. Yes, absolutely beautiful girls! I love the picture of Vienne 's hand. So delicate and precise. Her fingers are so long! Love you so much.