Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Walkers

A great start to a Birthday Week for Daddy - Ivy started to walk!

At 14 months of age, both of my girls decided to start walking.  For Vienne, that was in July of 2009.  For Ivy, it was today, March 11, 2013 - one day before she turns 14 months.  Of course, Ivy has been "practicing" for a few weeks, but today she finally let go of the couch, on her own, and just walked out to the middle of the room without me urging her on.  It is pretty fun.

Both of my girls are sooo tiny - 18 lbs - yes, both of them at this age.  Vienne had WAY more hair - her body chose to focus on hair growth, first, while Ivy's has chosen to focus on teeth-growth.  She has 8!  

Here are some videos of the girls' first steps.

(Vienne's first steps)

(Vienne's first steps)

(Ivy's first steps)

(Ivy walks for Grammy and Grandpa, while they are visiting.  That is my infamous Mom's voice, in the background, that sounds like mine.)

Her Sister would be SOOOO proud.

(Mark's Birthday is on Friday and I have a special post planned for him.  I was betting that Ivy would walk for him by his birthday and she has!  It is very special to this incredible Father who loves his baby girls soooo very much.  xoxoxo)


  1. That precious little Ivy is such a blessing :) ♥

  2. Such joy. And yes, Vienne would be so proud.

  3. oh my goodness!! From what I've heard and seen of Vienne, she would have been so so excited and proud of Ivy's walking moment! Love these videos.

  4. It is the sweetest to hear Mark's excitement...that same excited laughter for both his girls. So sweet!

    1. I know. It is so sweet and melts my heart. xo

  5. What a special treat, for a very deserving dad. I know Vienne would have been her biggest cheerleader.