Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful Fathers out there.

By now most of you know that there is NOT ONE iota of a doubt that I married one of the most amazing men out there who is not only an incredible husband but one of the BEST Fathers I have ever known.  ...A Dad who drops all things to play with his girls...and ENJOYS it.  A Dad who actually prefers to play with his children, in imagination land, than hang out with adults.  A Dad who will have a tea party and paint his daughter's toe nails.  A Dad who will memorize all the names of the My Little Ponies.  A Dad who will bring a dinosaur to life with an Australian accent.  A Dad who will mold play dough into a playground slide for rolling play dough balls down.  A Dad who will bring out the art supplies and paint with his daughter.  A Dad who will teach himself origami so that he can make paper flowers and dinosaurs for his Girl.  A Dad who will bake biscotti with his child.  A Dad who will confidently dress and fix hair for his daughter...even if he is color blind.  A Dad who will stay up for an hour in the middle of the night to hold, rock, and sway his newborn daughters.  A Dad who will rise early with his children and let his wife sleep in.  A Dad who will wash cloth diapers.  A Dad who will act as the doula for his laboring wife, who is delivering their babies at home.  A Dad who will work any job and sacrifice any dreams to provide for his family.  A Dad who will do anything to leave work early so that he can get home just to play with his daughter.  A Dad who will sleep on the floor next to his daughter's bed when she is sick or having a bad dream.  A Dad who will follow through with his words, be firm and consistent, discipline with Biblical standards and love while offering grace and compassion and comfort.  A Dad who loves his children with absolute all-out truly sincere selfless love...who knows and fully understands that choosing to have children means sacrificing yourself for the rest of your life...and wants it no other way.
...and this is just off the top of my head.

Here are some photos from last year's Father's Day ~

(Vienne is painting a travel mug for Daddy at a ceramic painting boutique)

(Vienne smiling her "say CHEESE" smile.  The mug is green with each of the girls' handprints on it, in blue. Around the top is says "Daddy is our dragon-tamer" and down the handle is says "<3 Vienne & Ivy)

(On Father's Day we took our first hike as a family of 4 at the Cooper Mountain Nature Park)

(family photo)

(Vienne thought it was so awesome to be able to ride in this even though she was way too old for it!  I mean who wouldn't love it?)

(a sweet video taken that evening at the dinner table)

I love you "yesterday, today, and tomorrow too".
Thank you for ALL that you are as a husband and extraordinary Father to our precious beautiful girls.


  1. I am crying. Everything you say about Mark is absolute truth. I love/loved watching him with his girls. How blessed you are, dear friend, to have a husband like this. What a sweet way to honor him. Love you all soooooo much. Miss you. Was thinking about you yesterday.

  2. Jenny...what a beautiful and honorable tribute to your amazing husband - a fabulous father he is indeed. How blessed I am knowing both of my daughters and my granddaughters are so well loved and cared for by the men God picked for the two of you (Jeremy for Kate, Mark for you)! Love all these precious pictures...the video is so adorable...Vienne's sweet little voice "get in the picture, too Dad". Oh my heart.

  3. Happy Father's Day to Vienne and Ivy's "dragon slayer"!!! Those two girls are so very blessed to have you both as parents. You make their lives beautiful always with your love. What an inspiration!!! Love, Kristen