Saturday, June 8, 2013

{Home Video}: New Pets

How about a home video?  I haven't posted one in a while.  This is a video I have been watching a lot, recently.

This was just a lazy Saturday morning activity.  Vienne's imagination was constantly in the works, of course.  In this video, she has determined that the animals on her lacing cards are pets and that we must all take them for a walk.  She is very particular about how we are to walk them.  Hhhmmm...I wonder where she got that "particular" nature??

I love this video because she talks right to me, while I'm holding the camera...she says "Mom". My breath catches in my throat when she comes close to the camera...her beautiful wispy golden hair sweeping across her face.  She is so stunning.

And, I must clarify that the reason I am being so lazy in this video is because I was pregnant with Ivy and stuck on the couch.  I am irritated with myself in this video, though, for sounding so unenthused to get involved and play.  Ugh.  There are quite a few videos that are taken from this angle/view...and it's all because I was on the couch a lot during that pregnancy.  I suffered from some severe hip pain during the latter half of my pregnancy with I enlisted Vienne to be my entertainment and I would record her!  haha  She was always such a good and patient sport.  I remember from this video, also, that we were refinishing our dining table so our dining area was without the table for a bit, leaving this large open space to play in.  Little memories.

I want her back.


  1. Thank you for posting this today. Simple moments. That is where my heart has been in regards to my Vienne today. Missing her spending the night. Missing her just hanging out with me, riding in the car with me, from your house to mine, singing "over the river and thru the woods to grammy's house we go"...and as I said, we would make up the rest and she would try so hard to get the words right and sing along. I miss the beautiful simplicity of her imagination. Playing was so easy. So imaginative. I miss her deeply. Yes, my Jenny, when I hear her say "mom"...such a burst of painful joy. I think of her often, at the top of the stairs when I would come in on a Tuesday morning for our day together and she would exclaim loudly "GRAMMY!" and I would run up the stairs to her outstretched arms. Oh, my heart. The pain of missing her is sometimes nearly unbearable. I cannot imagine the depth of that for you, my daughter. It hurts so much, I think I can...but I know I can't really.

  2. Oh lump in my throat...I miss that sweet little, little voice! I want her back badly. I want to feel her sweet little hairs run through my fingers, I want to hold her delicate little body in my arms, and talk with her. So badly.

    1. big lumps in my throat...always there...always striving to bury them.