Monday, December 17, 2012

Vienne's 2nd Christmas

On Vienne's second Christmas, she was 1 1/2 and turning into quite the little doll.  As you can see from the following pictures, Christmas was all about Vienne.  That year of 2009 was spent with my family.  Up until last year, which was Vienne's last Christmas, she was the only grandchild on my side.  She made Christmas.  She was the first and became the standard for children in our family, on Christmas morning.  This will be the first Christmas with the two new grandchildren in our family - Ivy and Miriam, my sister's new daughter.  How do you start all over again? 

(all dressed up for Christmas Eve Dinner at Aunt Kate's and Uncle Jeremy's house.  I loved this vintage handmade dress and can't wait for Ivy to wear it...doesn't she look like a doll?)

(sooooo much love between these two - my sister, Aunt Katy)

(I miss those cheeks.)

(3 generations of girls - Vienne, me, and my Mama)

(Vienne and her Poppy, my Dad - they were also very close)

(Feeding Grammy)


(Christmas Eve presents)

(Christmas tree at Grammy and Grandpa's)

(Christmas morning, peeking over the railing at the stockings)

(I remember the 3 of us were up early, with V, on Christmas morning, waiting for everyone else to wake and open presents!)

(while we waited, we read "Twas the Night Before Christmas")

(a little tutu from her her bed head)

(I just love her patient little stance as she waits for me to figure out the toy...look at her little hands and her patient cherub face!)

(reading new books with Daddy)

(a new baby doll)

(I loved this domestic:  holding her baby and "vacuuming")

(Christmas night, wearing a favorite Christmas sweater sweet is she?)

(with Aunt Christy.  Oh, how she loved her Aunt Christy....FUN Aunt Christy! {Mark's little sister})

(Mark, V, and Poppy)

(Vienne!  Are you picking your nose!)

(Christmas night time hugs)

I miss her.


  1. These pictures are a such a sweet blessing! I feel as though I know her, now. I'm smiling through my tears as I share your bittersweet memories. Oh, how I long for Heaven! Sweet Jesus has our dear ones in His arms now.

  2. I miss her, too. So much. Such heartache in the midst of these joyful memories. Sooo glad for these pictures and videos that keep the memories present and vibrant.