Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vienne's 3rd Christmas, Part II

After our "Christmases" with my family, we packed up the car and headed out for our first "Destination Christmas" with Mark's family.  We rented a large glorified cabin in Cle Elum, WA - a tiny little wintry town a few miles away from Leavenworth.  Our intention had been to rent a home in Leavenworth but we couldn't find one that fit our requirements in time.  This house turned out to be perfect and ideal and the amount of snow that blanketed the entire town was a real dream come true.  Here are the pictures from that trip...

(Oh bunny....Vienne didn't love the drive to Cle Elum so much but once she got there she was rewarded for all her patience!)

(We were the first to make it to the cabin and Vienne was immediately itching to play in the snow...we threw on the first coat we could find and ran out there!)

(and all she wanted to do?....EAT IT!)

(the "cabin" idyllic is that?!)

(a view from inside the "cabin" - how my Christmases have looked like in my dreams....warm and cozy inside and LOTS of snow outside)

(cousins playing - Vienne and Ellie)

(Grandma Lynn and Vienne)

(Grandpa Tom and Vienne)

(Mark playing with lincoln logs as only a boy at heart does)

(the cute cousins ~ Ellie, Luke, and Vienne)

(dear Aunt Kinsey and Vienne - how sweet is this picture?)

(one of my favorite photos)

(she had to make sure he tasted as good as he looked)


(sledding with Grandpa Tom)

(cold after long hours in the snow)

(silly Grandma Lynn - they dug this tunnel to the front door)

(the sledding hill at Lake Cle Elum)


(Aunt Becky and Uncle Dan - Mark's brother and wife, Luke and Ellie's parents)

(cute cousin hugs)

(always eating snow)

(playing in the snow was a perfect opportunity for wonderful family photos by Kinsey.  I love and cherish the beautiful shots she captured that day)

(the entire family...a treasured photo)

(the BEST family photo EVER!  Look at Vienne!)

(Mark and his siblings - Daniel, David, and Christy)

(how they really behave)

(Christmas morning)


(checking out the gifts while we wait for everyone to wake)

(Christmas crab dinner)


  1. Love all the pictures and memories! ♥

  2. Sweet, sweet pictures Jenny. Praying for you and Mark this season as you face Christmas without your little Angel. Love you and thanks for sharing all of these memories with us.

  3. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful memories. That cabin in the snow was just out of a perfect Christmas dream. I am and will be thinking of you often this week, praying for God to give you extra strength. Love you

  4. I love these photos and memories. Thinking of you daily and sometimes hourly in these final days before Christmas. I can only imagine how heavy your heart is missing your sweet girl during this season. Love you.