Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vienne's 3rd Christmas, Part I

Vienne's third Christmas was probably my favorite Christmas.  She was 2 1/2 and this year was spent with Mark's family.  Before we left for Christmas with Mark's family, we had two other Christmases with my family;  one with my Dad and one with my Mom and Stepdad.  We shared a sweet dinner and gift exchange with my Dad and my sis and her husband, Jeremy.  The next night, we spent at my Mom and Tom's house for another lovely dinner and gift exchange.  
Then, we left for our trip, which turned out to be one of the most idyllic Christmases in my book....which I will write about in the next post.  ;)

(opening gifts from Poppy, my Dad.  I just love her face, here.  Along with my parents, we had purchased a play kitchen for Vienne this Christmas.  She hadn't received it yet, but Poppy stocked Vienne up with beautiful wooden containers for her kitchen.  He knew our love and preference for wooden toys over plastic.)

(opening gifts ~ I LOVE how she runs to throw the wrappings away after each gift.  She is just way too cute)

(blowing out candles with Aunt Kate - I LOVE this photo...such joy)

(my sister and my baby - I need to write a special post sometime soon, just on how close these two were.  Katy loved Vienne like her own, with such a fierce fierce love.)

(Christmas dinner at my Mom's and Stepdad's.  She is wearing the sweater dress she wore the year tiny girl...sitting like such a lady ;) )

(my little ham wanted to climb over and under the chair rather than sit on it for pictures)

(playing with her buddy, Bob, my Mom's puppy)

(a silly time dancing with Grammy and Aunt Kate)


(cute Grandpa and Grammy...and Bob)

(the kitchen!)

(a fort-tent!)

(and just for some comical relief...this Guy.  Yeah, I'm married to him.  He's special.  The boys in our family like to get goofy and have a lot of laughs, as you can tell)

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  1. I love her so much...thank you for documenting these memories. I had forgotten about the silly dancing that Christmas. Not a day passes without thinking of her and Christmas will always hold these sweet memories of my first, fiercely (perfect word) loved niece.