Sunday, October 7, 2012


About 2 years ago when V was around 2 1/2, there were a few months when she maintained a sweet sweet "habit".  Everyday, after an hour or so of early morning play time with Daddy, I would come downstairs and she would stop her play, pick up her paci (back in the day when she used one), and come to me and say "cuddow?" (cuddle).  I would pull her into my arms, lay back on the couch, and we would literally cuddle for 20 minutes every morning.  It was the most precious time of all.  It lasted for a few months and I will never ever forget it.  What child stops their play and lays still for such a long amount of time?  I wish those cuddle requests lasted longer than a few months...but then she started to grow up, of course. 

I miss cuddows.


  1. Oh, I remember you talking about these cuddows and how much you loved them. I am praying that you would feel Vienne's arms wrapping around your heart today. As if she was there hugging you and telling you that it's ok. I will never cuddow with my girls in the same way after reading this post. Love you, friend.