Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Home Video}: "Party" and "Sparkle" ~ The Destroyers!

So, it's been made pretty clear that Vienne's favorite toys were her precious dinosaurs, dragons, and horses...and Lightning McQueen cars.  There was a huge entourage of characters that came out at each play time.  Amongst this collection of what would be stereotyped as more "masculine" toys, she did have 2 special My Little Ponies...bright pink and sparkly plastic figurines.  I always loved to point out that Mark named these two ponies, on a sarcastic whim one day - "Party" and "Sparkle".  The names stuck.  And, guess who had to always play "Party" and "Sparkle"?  Yup, good 'ole Dad.  In girly voices.  Vienne, of course, played the dinosaurs in their adeventures.  And, she deemed the two frilly ponies as the villains in their play time. 

I always loved the irony of it all.  It was always so perfect.  So magical.  So Vienne.

While cooking dinner, I would over hear things like "run run...Party and Sparkle are after us!!"

Play time with all of these characters was almost a constant in our household.  When Dad was home, that's all that they did...morning and evening.  Vienne was blessed with the BEST Daddy in the whole world.  A Daddy who couldn't wait to get home to play with his imaginative little girl.  Their bond was so so strong. 

Mommies, Daddies out there ~  Please play with your kids.  Jump into their adventures.  It is something that you will never regret.  You will never look back and say "I sure wish I didn't play with them so much".  Yes, sometimes it is silly and boring to us adults.  But, the bond you create with your child is worth it all.  I am so glad to say that I played with my Daughter.  We played 'Duck Duck Goose' with her characters (and yes, I did most of the running!).  We played dress up with all of them...using hair bands as necklaces and bracelets, clips on their tails...and had a "party".  We played doctor with the dinos.  We played hide and seek with the ponies.  I always tried to give Vienne the confidence that she and her sister were Number 1 to me.  I will never regret this.

Here is a sweet video of Party and Sparkle smashing the lincoln log fortress that her Daddy built for the dinos and dragons and other friends (how AMAZING is that fortress?!!). 

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  1. So funny and cute. It's amazing how precious these silly videos can become.