Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Holly Hoop 2012

I wanted to let all of you know about a cool opportunity that has been presented to us, during this tragedy of ours.  Through one of my dearest friends, I have been connected with another mom who lost her 2mo. old daughter last October to SIDS.  This family has created a day to honor their daughter, Holland (whom they called Holly), each October.  On this special day they are organizing a run/walk to celebrate her life.  Each year that they do this, they are choosing another family in the community who has also recently lost a child and therefore the run will also be in honor of that child.  As the Cottle family heard our story, they contacted me and would like to run for Vienne. *tears*
Please check out their blog with all of the info.  We would love it if anyone would like to participate.  We are definitely not ready to be "celebratory" in any way, but we are honored to join in and walk/run for our daughter.  This is not a fundraiser.  They will be taking donations...however we've been blessed enough by our friends and family - so please do not feel obligated to donate.  October 20th - please join us on the Holly Hoop in honor of our Vienne Juliet.  It should be a nice event to just support our grief during this time.
We will be wearing blue/green in remembrance of Vienne.  Join with us, if you'd like. 
A write up on Vienne will be posted to their blog shortly.
**And, please RSVP to their email which is on their blog.  They need to know how many to expect as this is their first year putting this together. 

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