Saturday, November 10, 2012

cute anecdotes

So, I just stumbled upon these cute little sayings and incidences that I had quickly jotted down and tucked aside~

Vienne slept with her door open, so this was overheard one afternoon, at nap time.  At first, I had thought she was shouting for me and so I started up the stairs until I realized she was talking in her sleep:
"NO.  NO.  Don't go.  Don't go anywhere.  I can't see you, old lady!  I can't see you old lady.  I can't see yooouuuu..." (over and over) ~ Nov. 29, 2011

Looking at newborn Ivy, laying naked on the couch, Vienne made a silly pursed mouth and said "look at my baby sister...she's so...Naked!" ~ Mid January 2012 

After taking a nap with me, in my bed, she woke me up and said that she was done sleeping.  Then she sat up and said "I must pick you some flowers...but there aren't any outside anymore!" ~ January 2012

Vienne informed me that when she is grown up she will squeeze milk from her noonies for her baby too (you can guess, on your own, what "noonies" is a term I grew up with...yes, you can laugh).  She asked me when her noonies will grow big like mine and kept telling me that she wanted BIG circles on her noonies like mine. 
~ February 2012

Vienne had stripped her clothes down and was running to the bathroom but suddenly stopped and looked back at me, over her shoulder, and asked "is my po-po so cute?" (again, another funny term we use..."po-po" is what we grew up calling our bums.  I believe it is German?  Blame my mom!).  And, by the way, yes of course her "po-po was sooooo so tiny and cute.  ~ Summer 2012  

Here is a video of Vienne at age 2 1/2ish (yes, lots of videos at this age).  She is cleaning her puppy, Dooba.  A wooden pull toy dog.  Dooba was the first made up name she gave a toy.  We loved Dooba.  She loved Dooba so much and brought Dooba everywhere we went, that Dooba eventually did break.  Poor Dooba.
I must note that I love watching her meticulous cleanly detailed mannerisms.  Very much her Mother's she meticulously cleans the entire dog and then runs to the garbage to throw the cleaning tissue away.  That was my girl.  


  1. It's odd. I watch these videos, gaze endlessly at pictures - and it's this strange feeling that she's here, with us...not physically of course, but here. I miss her presence, and yet I feel it. I want to hear her call my name..."Grammy". And I know you want to hear those words "Mama", my Jenny..."Mama". And to feel those "cuddows". But it's the weirdest thing that I feel her presence. I work in the yard and I talk to her the whole time. That seems to be "our" time. Am I wack? I'm a little obsessed with this blog, the videos, because it keeps me near to her...present. I think part of it is a knowledge that we'll be together again...sooner than later, I often hope. It's the knowledge that she LIVES. And she is SAFE. In her Maker's arms. Can she see us? I don't know. Does she watch us? I don't know. Does she know our thoughts, our sorrow at her absence? I don't know. As I'm working in the yard, or in the house, or out and about and talking to her, does she know? As I lean on the mantle and look into her eyes (the picture on the mantel) and cry and ask her "why"...does she hear? Sometimes I imagine she answers. And the answers, the comments, are always profound, pointing me to Truth. They are. It's not "my" thoughts. Then I think "am I wack?" Is it just my imagination consoling me? I talked to Vienne long before she came to be. Remember? I would have converstations with my grandchild-to-come as I rocked in the rocking chair up in the blue room...the room she eventually slept in and fetched her toys from. So...I've been talking to Vienne for a very long time, before she joined us, while she was here, and since she left...and I always will. We're linked and we'll be together again...soon. I DO want to love on and experience all the joys of Ivy and Miri, so I'm not in a hurry. I'm just ready.

  2. I started reading this blog for Vienne when I came to hear about this story. I check daily to see how the family is doing. I have been subjected to tragedy in my life but this is really a tragic, horrible thing. I am not sure why I am so sucked into this blog, I think it is the honesty. I cannot stop thinking of Vienne, I wish I had known her. I hope that Jenny and Grammy find some peace. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for reading and staying connected to this blog. It means so much to see how many people are drawn to my little Girl and how much she has touched people's lives.

  3. I do truly believe that she can see you, Grammy and Mama. She sees you remembering her, crying, smiling, and missing her.
    I read a book once that was about a young 3yr old boy that briefly died while in surgery, had an experience in Heaven and then came back to live on earth. He talked about seeing his dad crying for him during the surgery, however dad never told anyone where he was when he went to cry. He also met his sister in Heaven, one that his mother had miscarried before he was born, but he never had heard of her until meeting her in Heaven. He then asked about her once he came back to earth. My husband and I were a blubbering mess as we lost a baby through miscarriage as well.
    Anyway, all that said, I do trust she can see you all and loves you so very much. Vienne is dancing with Jesus now and I like to think that maybe they play hide and seek and that she sneaks up on Him, or she plays with other babies like she did with Ivy. So, so precious.