Friday, November 23, 2012

First Thanksgiving

This was the...

The first Thanksgiving with Ivy.

The first Thanksgiving without Vienne.

And, so begin the dreaded "firsts".

(Vienne's first Thanksgiving in 2008 ~ 6 mo. old)

(at my mom and stepdad's house, doing what I enjoy most ~ crocheting by the fire, next to my baby, surrounded by critters)

(Vienne with her Poppy, my Dad)

(Us.  When we knew happiness and true thankfulness)

(a post-feast family walk)

(Vienne and her Aunt Kate, my sis, on that Thanksgiving weekend)

(Vienne's second Thanksgiving in 2009, hosted at our Cannon Beach home)

(Mama and baby Girl ~ so much love)

(post-Thanksgiving family walk on the beach with Grandma Lynn, Mark's mom)

*Can't find pics for Vienne's third Thanksgiving...  :(

(Vienne's last Thanksgiving, last year 2011, in Washington with Mark's family - prepping in the kitchen.)

(two silly goofs ~ cousin Luke and Vienne)

(playing in the secret hideout under Grandpa's stairs)

  (Professional photos taken by Aunt Kinsey that weekend)

(hugging Ivy)

We survived this year's Thanksgiving - our first without Vienne.  We kept it small and simple, at my mom's house.  It was nice for what it was.

Here are some pictures from yesterday ~

(Vienne's first Thanksgiving at 6 mo. old ~ Ivy's first Thanksgiving at 10 mo. old.)

(the rest of these are now Ivy.  They look similar but there are differences.  Such beauties, though, aren't they??)

(poor baby is sick with the cold, though - that's why she looks a bit peaked {pekid?} and glassy-eyed)

(sitting in my favorite spot)

(with my sister, Katy, and her daughter, Miriam)

I am thankful for our families.  We are seriously seriously blessed with the best families.  


  1. Thought and said prayers for you often yesterday. Love you much, my friend. I prayed Vienne would have an incredible Thanksgiving feast with Jesus yesterday. XO

  2. I love that Ivy is wearing Vienne's "first Thanksgiving" shirt for her first precious. I never knew Vienne, but I feel connected to her through your blog. I have an 8 month old baby girl named Kaylee and i can only imagine the pain you must be going through, but at the same time how you must still be strong for Ivy. God bless your family. May angels arms be wrapped around you during the holidays.

  3. you made it. Sometimes the anticipation is more agonizing than the actual day. I'm so grateful to be welcomed on this journey with you, loved looking at all these photos so much.

  4. Wow, you have such beautiful babies. You have made it through a "first" and posted pictures and shared your heart. More than many of us could do in your shoes. Or ANY of us. I am praying for you and in awe of you, Jenny.

  5. The first holidays are so hard! It's been 9 years now since my son died and a holiday doesn't go by that I don't mourn him, but time does change the pain. I'm so thankful that I had another child to keep me going through the motions and eventually "feel" again. I'm so sorry to hear that you had someone leave a hurtful comment on your blog, it instantly brought back the pain of some comments said to me. Thankful that you have a great family to love you unconditionally through these holidays.