Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Know Her}: "Our Silly Goose"

I'm going to start a small series of posts, themed around getting to know Vienne's personality and fun characteristics.  These posts will mostly contain photographs and videos. (no, this is not in response to the "mean lady's" comment...I had already been preparing these posts.  Not here to please anyone...but hope you enjoy getting to know her more and more!)

(9-10 mo. old - silly faces started early)

(19 mo. old - auditioning for "So You Think You Can Dance"...)

(I remember this face cracking us up)

(almost 2 - I had asked her to get a hat because we were getting ready to go.  She put on Daddy's cap and one of his gloves)

(the hair...the glasses...she rocked it)

(age 2)

(age 2 ~ she put on my shoes, but kept OFF her pants, stuffed a kitchen towel in the watering can and was ready to go outside to water the plants)

(I remember I took this pic because it was about as messy as her face EVER got from eating)

(oh man, this was a favorite...yes, she dressed herself in the boots, helmet and all and then went outside with Daddy to play ball)

(the "puppy" phase)

("hello, sweet Puppy")

(she called these Duplo pieces "skates")

("see my dragon face painting?!")

(eating ice cream in the backseat...wild crazed look!)

(hide and seek in dress up tulle)

(tough girl!)

(pretending to sleep next to a newborn Ivy...are you convinced?)

(I don't know why, but this was how she wanted to wear her shirt that morning...she is showing me a glass turtle in the palm of her hand)

(on the evening of her 4th birthday, after the party, we were eating pizza and watching a movie...she decided her dinner needed to be eaten with her feet.  It was her birthday...we let her.  I mean, how could we not?  Look at how accurate she is!)

(I fed myself with my feet!)

(putting her shorts on upside down, intentionally)

(dressed herself and ready to go for a walk!)

(ready to go fishing in her jammies and a candyland dress over top)

(had to line the bottles up perfectly in a line.  The hand on the hip was her new "pose" this past summer)

(new boots and a new dinosaur towel made for a great super hero costume)

(I remember this and the next picture - we were playing around with the camera together, being goofs)

(she decided to pretend to eat my face)

(new goggles and new floaties - she was so excited she had to wear them all evening)

(my girls are the best)


  1. A delight. That's what she was. She was the essence of delight. Why... why are you gone, Vienne? I'm having a hard time eating my breakfast this morning as I look at all these pictures..... Oh. What an absolute Joy your Vienne was to the world. I hope I NEVER forget the sound of her sweet giggle.

  2. She is just SO awesome; I love this!

  3. Hi Jenny!

    I am a friend of Kinsey and Daves up in Washington! I really just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and how much I love reading all about Vienne! I am truly convinced that she was an angel and one of the most perfect little girls ever! I love to hear the stories about her and read all about her cute, fun, adventurous, dinosaur loving personality! Thank you so much for opening up your heart and opening up your blog to us! For a while I have been wanting to comment and let you know that Vienne has not been forgotten to me and I tell my husband all the time about her too! I think about you all the time even though I dont know you! And I pray for you guys too! I guess more than anything I just wanted you to know that even though we have never met...I feel like I know Vienne...and I love her so much!! I want you to know I care so much, and hurt so much for you! I pray for you guys all the time!!! Thank you for being so open to us!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet note. It means soooo very much to me to hear how often we are still thought of and how much Vienne has touched people's lives.

  4. I feel so privileged to have known her during most of those enchanting phases. What a lively, creative and sweet spirit. I love these pictures, because not only do they convey her unique personality but they also show what wonderful parents you and Mark are. You always allowed her to be herself and delighted in watching her express who she was. Love her so much, love you guys so much.

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