Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Sword Fighting Princess

This is just a collection of photos and a video of our skilled Princess Warrior.  Vienne got into dragons and swords and such after she watched "How to Train Your Dragon" - which became a most favorite movie of hers.  Dragons were never "mean" or "bad" in her eyes...they were friends, as proven in that cute movie.  Vienne didn't sword-fight the dragons, she defended them.  She really had no clue that swords are originally intended for hurting, of course.  And, there was a rule that sword "fighting" was reserved only for her and Daddy or another adult.

(decked out for Daddy's Birthday, 3/15/12 - wearing a dress up dress, wielding a glow stick sword, and riding Polly the pony, her trusty steed)

(on a bored afternoon last winter of 2012, Mommy set up this fencing practice in the doorway.  Vienne, dressed in her favorite mismatched socks and fencing gear, practiced her amazing moves)

(check out that form!)

(how much do you love this little girl?!)

(wearing her Lightning McQueen jammy t-shirt helped her feel more brave)

(playing in a Chinese princess dress, gifted to her by Aunt Kinsey and Uncle David)

(eventually, wearing the dress meant that sword fighting had to ensue...)

(she was great at blocking Daddy's moves)

(beautiful princess)

(a video of Mark and Vienne darling are they?)


  1. Oh my goodness, that video was so cute! Her and her daddy sure had fun together. You guys are such fun parents - creative and attentive... Vienne always had full confidence in what wonderful parents she had and how adored she was. I love all the pictures. So joyful and full of life. Her little face is just beyond precious.

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