Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A letter from Grandma Lynn

Dear Sweet Vienne,
I had so much fun with you on our afternoon walks when I would visit.  Once we went into Albertsons to buy some white bread to feed ducks and you made me laugh when you said, “But this isn’t New Seasons!”  As we fed the ducks, you named one of the geese we saw and called him “Floatie”!  Oh how good you were at naming things!  It was funny when you forgot the name of the goose and asked me what his name was the next day when we took our walk! (“Floatie…it rhymes with Boatie”!)
You always like watching people who were fishing and I know your daddy loved the times he took you fishing.  You wanted to go out onto the floating dock at the pond.  We did that and it was easier to feed the ducks.  Do you remember how we jumped on the dock to make it move?  You thought that was pretty cool J!
On one walk, I kept asking if you were tired and you quickly answered, “no”…because we still needed to go to the playground.  But first, we went to the opening of Ace Hardware because they had live music.  They played great music for dancing.  I’m pretty sure you would’ve danced if just one person had been there dancing!  Of course, we had to stop at New Seasons and snack on their samples to be energized for the playground. 
We were in the jungle gym with the two steering wheels.  You loved it when we pretended to be boat captains.  I would say, “Big rock ahead, quick, steer to the left.”  I would steer my wheel and you would copy me in the same direction.  Then you would say, “Tree in the water” and we would each steer to not crash into the imaginary tree.  I think we created lots of obstacles to steer around…and your imagination was completely engaged, which was definitely such a distinctive part of your personality.  I’m pretty sure you got that from both your mommy and daddy.
Watching you break-dance with such free flowing agility and a huge smile on your face was a true highlight I will always remember.  As your dad said, you really had some moves!
Do you remember playing with the glitter playdoh your mom made?  That was so clever for her to put in glitter and add a mint smell to it as well.  We made so many shapes and spaghetti – like playdoh hair that you loved cutting with scissors.  I remember showing you how to put your fingers into the scissors so you could cut better.  You were so proud!
I am so glad you and your daddy could come to Brynn’s wedding.  You sat on the carpet right next to the dance floor at the reception just waiting for the music to start for the dancing.  And you danced so much that your joy made everyone smile!  You added to the celebration.  I remember two lines of people formed so that individual people could dance between them to show their moves.  You hesitated, but I said it was okay to dance your way down through the people who were lined up.  You were so cute as you danced to the middle, then stopped to keep dancing as the most adorable center of attention until someone motioned for you to keep moving to the end of the two lines!  You had so much energy that you stayed up until 10:30 I think. 
The next day, you were not cranky at all.  You were so sweet, playing with Elliott and Porter.  Most of all, the next day you got to play in the kiddie pool with your aunt Christy.  It was a hot day and we spent time at your uncle David and aunt Kinsey’s house.  They even had a bubble-blowing machine making bubbles above you as you played in the pool.  Brynn and her family were so so happy to have you at their wedding!
One of my most hilarious memories was watching you and your daddy dancing to some very fun music, doing all sorts of amazing, random moves!  There was the fort built out of couch pillows, you sitting on the counter in the kitchen helping your mom, me getting to read stories to you before bedtime, sword fights with your sword that made noise, and your daddy entertaining your keen imagination as he demolished the lincoln log tower he had built for your dinosaurs and ponies.  That tower was like a castle.  You watched as your dad used two of your ponies to crash down the tower in slow motion…only because it was there for weeks already and time to take it down to build a different one later!
Another memory…in Cannon Beach…you weren’t ready for a nap and I took you outside to toddle around your neighborhood.  You saw a cricket and were fascinated.  You toddled a few steps and as you got closer to the cricket, you accidentally stepped right on it.  You were so little that you didn’t even realize what you had done.  That little walk was enough to tire you out and you went right to sleep for your nap then. 
When you first arrived at Brynn’s wedding, I loved it when you ran part-way across the grass field and jumped up for a giant hug with me.  Your mommy described you as “magical” and I would say “absolutely magical”!  I’ll always remember how green was your favorite color and when I asked why, you said “because my eyes are green”!
You will always be in my heart, but I have to say that it breaks my heart to be apart from you.  I was looking forward to more adventures and the joys of watching you grow into an amazing young lady.
You know, of course, that you were blessed with two incredible parents…as they were also blessed by you, a lot!  If you could, I’m sure you’d be saying to them, “I love you both so much and I know how very, very much you loved me.  You both were the ‘best ever’ parents.  Ivy doesn’t know yet how lucky she is to have you both…but, she will!”
I miss you sweet Vienne.  I will always miss you…until I see you again in Heaven.  I am having tidal waves of disbelief that you are apart from us and tsunami waves of grief.
                I am so glad you loved Jesus and knew how much He loves you.  I have to hang onto that.  I love you little precious sweet one.
Much Love Always,
Grandma Lynn

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