Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Memories} ~ From Kristel & Emily

Dear Vienne,
You were Emily's dearest friend for the time you spent together and she has never had a friendship since then, that was as special.  You were unique.  Everyone says so.  I remember talking with your mama for hours about how you were not normal, in the best way.  You were always so good!  So sweet and so gentle.  I remember when you and Emily would play, Emily always looked like the "wild child" and you would be the more calm one by far.  But she also brought out your silly side and it was so much fun to watch you girls play together.  Your mama was obsessed with you, as I was with Emily.  We would always joke about how it didn't seem like other mom's were as crazy-into their kids like we were. We didn't care.  We both loved to fawn over our girls and talk about how cute they were.  Your mama adored everything about you. 

Every time I was around you, I felt a pull to you.  I always wanted to love on you and shower you with affection and I'm not always like that with other people's children.  But you were special.  You drew people to you with your amazing spirit.  I fully believe you were an angel given to the most special parents. 

You were so adorable on your 3rd birthday, which is the last one Emily and I were there for.  I remember you standing on the table to blow out your candles- you were always so tiny and little and precious.  And that year you got a red tricycle and you were so excited!  Your mom throws the most elegant, beautiful parties and she worked so hard to make everything special for you.  I'll never forget you and Emily playing balloons and laughing that day.

Thank you for letting me love on you for such a short time.  Thank you for being a friend to my Emily.  You brought so much joy to this life and we are all grateful to have known you.

With all my love,

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