Friday, September 28, 2012

our little fish

Vienne took her first swim lessons this past summer of 2012, at Children of the Sea.  It was her most favorite thing to look forward to each and every week.  We had been a bit nervous in the beginning because we knew her fear of the water touching her face.  But, once in the care of a teacher (outside of her parents) she became fearless!  We were so amazed and proud.  The teacher's main objective, in the class, was to get them comfortable with putting their "eyes in".  "Eyes in!  Eyes in!" she would continually exclaim over and over.  One of my favorite memories at class, was how Vienne would calmly/gently speak up to the teacher, though, and tell her in a sweet voice that she didn't like to put her nose under the water.  Of course, she needed to learn, but I was so proud of her for not being afraid to speak up for herself...and to do it in such a sweet way, without whining or a fit of refusal like most kids.
At the end of the summer, one of Mark's co-workers invited us over a few times to swim in the pool.  This was the highlight of Vienne's summer!  She couldn't get her sundress off and floaties on quick enough!  She didn't think twice about jumping right in.  The other parents there (of children older than V) could not believe how fearless she was.  She didn't leave that pool the entire time we were there...with our constant supervision, of course.
She was born into is no wonder she loved it so.

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