Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Memories} ~ From Erin Hofseth

Jenny ~ I love you so much and have been spending so much time these last few days just thinking about sweet Vienne. We came to see you guys just a couple days after she was born, and seriously, I have never, ever seen a more perfect newborn! She was all swaddled up and sleeping peacefully in your candle lit home. It was such a joy to watch her grow up and Asher was so lucky to have her as his first friend. For awhile she was his ONLY friend, because her sweetness to him set such a standard that we didn't like being around other children! She would take his hand and lead him around, "come on Ashy, let's go!" Such a tender heart.

Of course our last time with her was 4th of July weekend. She went hiking in the woods with us on the evening of the 3rd. She wanted to hold Kyle's hand almost the whole way there and through the woods. I looked at him at one point and he smiled with a twinkle in his eye and I thought, "if I were ever to have a daughter, I would wish for one just like Vienne."

She wanted to swing on the rope swing in the woods, Asher was too scared, but not Vienne! She charged down the muddy hill with little sandals on, never looking back and with Adam's help, got up onto that swing and with hair blowing in the breeze swung high into the air with a perfect, exhilarated smile on her face.

On our way home, she picked you wild flowers and kept saying in her soft little voice, "whoa, this is fun!" Asher wanted to show her the view of the ocean from where we were walking and she kept saying, "I don't see the ocean." Asher would say, "right there!" and point in that direction. She finally decided that she saw it, but I think it was only because she sensed how passionate Asher was about her seeing it. "oh, I see it now," she said.

There is so much more...like how she peed in the river on the beach when we were playing with her before you guys left on the 5th. That was the only option, and she didn't care a bit! I told her that I peed in the ocean all the time when I'm surfing.

I loved/love her so much Jenny. A rare and beautiful soul. I will always keep talking about her.

Love Erin

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