Sunday, September 9, 2012

favorite words...

as of may 2012, this is my list of favorite words you say:

"fligilator" - refrigerator

"burrrrtiful" - beautiful

"bugger" - booger

"nuddle" - noodle

"donut" - adult

"prefect" - perfect

"slippily" - slippery

each and every morning, you ask "what are we doing today, mama??"

"play with me, play with me" ... which always means, play with T-Rex, Alice, and Tornado.  Play their voices and make adventures.

"throw out a party" - you always wanted to throw your toy friends a bday party or wedding party but you said "throw it out".  oh, you are too much.

1 comment:

  1. I remember her calling me donut but I thought she was asking for a donut. I was kinda surprised because I know you guys eat so healthy. I asked her if she wanted a donut and she said "no, sugar makes me sick". What a little character! Made me laugh.