Monday, September 17, 2012

{Memories} ~ from Brynn Weagraff Esbenshade

"Out of all the things you could remember about your wedding day, Vienne is a special memory from mine! I was hiding behind some trees waiting to begin the ceremony and Mark and Vienne arrived. I am pretty sure she liked my dress :)smile because she could not stop staring. She was so adorable. She showed me her bracelets, gave me a hug, and told me I was beautiful in her sweet little voice, just that could have made my day. But it was only the begining of such a fun evening.

At the reception she danced the Whole night! I love looking through photos and Vienne is in almost everyone of the dance floor. She is sometimes the center of attention in the photo, but mostly you see her among the "big people" on the dance floor watching and dancing. I am pretty sure that I danced with Vienne more than any other person that night, even more than my new husband! But so worth it as she sparkled with her smile and excitement. Afterwards, I spoke with my family about how she just could not leave the "party" and they all noticed the same thing! She was certainly marveled at that night!

The other memories I love are of the children really wanting the cupcakes! Just standing at the cupcake table staring, I like to imagine what they and Vienne were thinking....

I feel so blessed to have had such a special experience with Vienne on such a big day in my life.

Her sweetness and pure heart make me smile.

Love, Brynn"

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