Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Memories} ~ From Dave and Marcy Weagraff

A few weeks ago, Dave and I had the privilege of spending a little bit of time with Vienne at Brynn's wedding. It was our first time to meet Vienne and how we enjoyed watching her! She melted my heart (Marcy) when she presented me with a flower she picked at the wedding. Such a pure and innocent gesture of thoughtfulness. Vienne made me smile; I felt so special by her sweet gift!

At the reception Vienne danced and danced and danced! A picture of pure delight and unreserved joy! She seemed to enjoy every minute of the wedding celebration. And Vienne's gentle nature was evident in her interactions with Elliott. She exhibited an unusual degree of patience and kindness toward her little cousin.

On our last day in Seattle - a Sunday afternoon - we went to David and Kinsey's for a cookout. When we arrived at their home, Mark was walking with Vienne; it was her first time riding a "big girl" two-wheeled bike with training wheels. Dave, Lynn, and I walked with Vienne and Mark as she pedaled with such sweet determination - What a precious picture! [Dave: This scene was my most memorable of Vienne - While on the bicycle, pedaling so happily yet in such determined fashion, her adorable little face had all the confident look of, "I'm a BIG girl now!". Priceless! What a treasure to experience such a special moment with her!

You are in our thoughts throughout the day and we continue to lift you up to the Lord.

With much love,
Dave and Marcy

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