Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I like that boy" - {Cute things she said}

I think it was just about a year ago, late last summer/early fall and Kate (my sis) and Jeremy (her husband, aka J) were over for dinner.  Mark and J were brewing beer.  Whenever J was over, Vienne would hang ALL over him.  She loved her Uncle Jeremy.  I just remembered this small darling thing she said that evening...she and I went to the bathroom together, and while in there she was exciteable and gushed "I like that boy".  I replied, trying to compose my giggles:  "you mean, Uncle Jeremy".  "Yeah, I like that boy a lot"...with this huge gushing grin.  Oh.  My.  Word.  She was so cute.

V and J, when she was about 5 mo.


  1. this is so sweet Jenny. I can totally hear it being said! Keep preserving these memories. xo

  2. I'm not sure if me responses are getting back to you - but thank you for reading and leaving comments. :)