Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grammy's Letter

Saturday, 9/8/12, 6am                                                                                                                                                                                                             
VN, it’s me, Grammy.
          Can I tell you of your beauty?
I woke this morning with memories of your beauty…
…You and I, in the car last week after we went to the water park and played.  Mommy had to run into the store to get a card for your Daddy – it was last Tuesday, Sept. 4th, their 7th anniversary that day, you know.  I was in the passenger seat and you were in your car seat…Ivy was sleeping in her car seat…remember?  And you and I had to whisper and be so quiet – you were so good at being quiet when you had to – and so respectful of Ivy’s needs.
          I turned and mouthed to you “I love you” and you looked at me quizzically, head tilted.
So I said it real slow and signed it – finger to eye, hand to heart, I pointed at YOU – you, in all your beauty.  And then you did it back to me – mouthed “I love you”, finger to eye, hand to heart, and you pointed at me. 
And you wanted to keep doing it, back and forth, again and again – just like you always wanted to do things again and again that you found joyful and fun.
“Again, Grammy, lets do it again” 
And we did.
And then we drove back to Grammy’s house to spend the day – us 4 girls.  We put Ivy upstairs sleeping, and you and I set up the little red table with 3 chairs so you and mommy and I could eat lunch together. 
And we did.
Then you and I walked down to my neighbor, Sue’s house.  She was having one of her big garage sales and she invited us to come down early and look at the princess costumes. 
                   And we did.
First you tried on an Ariel costume, complete with a mermaid tail.  But it was just a little big. Then you went over and you put your delicate little hand on a light blue sparkly one and said: “I like this one…it’s blue, my favorite.” 
So Grammy got it down and looked and it was your size!  4T and in perfect condition, no rips, no stains.  We put it over your head and you went and looked in the mirror at yourself, this way and that.  Then you came back and asked about shoes.  And Sue found you the perfect little Cinderella shoes with click clack little heels for your perfect blue Cinderella dress.  And Sue let you pick out a blue boa – sparkly and long.  You didn’t want that as a “shawl” – you made it your princess pet, pulling it behind you.  You named it “Blue”.  You always named things, toys, imaginations – you always gave them such crazy fantastic names.  Then we walked back to Grammy’s house  - you - click clacking all the way, Sue - standing back on the sidewalk waving and watching us.  And you were SOOOOOO beautiful.  Truly a princess, inside & out, a daughter of the KING.  I stared at you and caught my breath – you stole my breath away - just like you always do when I behold your beauty.                  You take my breath away every time.
          My enchanting Vienne…I love you so incredibly.  Thank you for breathing your spirit into your sister, Ivy.  When we look at her, we get to see glimpses of you.  I am so grateful for that.  I know you are in Jesus’ arms.  I trust that – & we will be together again soon.  I will write to you of your beauty & our memories & the promise of our pending reunion all of my days.
Love, Grammy


  1. Hey! Does the frequency of your posting depend on something or you compose articles when you have a specific mood or write entries if you have sufficient time for it? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

  2. Praying for your family! Jesus please be near, bring peace, comfort and restored joy!! From one grammy to another, my heart aches for you. I cannot even imagine your pain!